Apache Aries JAX-RS Rest Management Service

Welcome to the Apache Aries JAX-RS OSGi REST Management integration. This integration implements Chapter 137 of the OSGi R7 Compendium REST Management Service Specification.

In essence this integration allows for management and introspection of the OSGi framework over REST.

Rest Management Service Location

Since there should only be one management API per framework the integration creates a separate application rooted at ${osgi.jaxrs.endpoint}/rms

Some of the available paths are:


Open API

To simplify developer experience there is an Open API endpoint mounted at ${osgi.jaxrs.endpoint}/rms/openapi.(json|yaml).


  • fix conditional response type based on extension logic to account for mediatype resource method parameters
Wish list
  • add HATEOS-style links within representations that allow for references to associated resources (e.g. in bundle representation add links to state, startlevel, headers)
  • add a extensions/inspect[/{bundleid}] (requirements and capabilities) resource (akin to gogo inspect command)
  • add a extension/repository that returns the XML Repository Format
  • add a extension/cm* for integration for Configuration admin (uses Configuration Resource Format)