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1.0.10 - 1.1.0

Carlos Sierra Andrés (3):

  • 99cf69e Update versions
  • 2cc51a9 Fix incorrect license
  • e67ccc6 Added documentation for OpenAPI and Jackson integration

GitHub (1):

  • 5219359 don't fail if Java Earler Access (ea) build job fails

Raymond Auge (13):

  • d4e36e8 add dependabot
  • 825b1d1 add bnd-run-maven-plugin plugin
  • 597168b update gogo dependency
  • ee74c89 [ARIES-2026] Update/unify integrations into the main build
  • 2f40ceb update jdks tested via github actions
  • 9b24fb9 update resolution results
  • 624222c add flattened pom plugin
  • c779884 quiet host bundle warning
  • c53b142 exclude flatten from eclipse execution
  • 86e0044 add bnd snapshot repository for testing
  • cf4094c add a changelog file
  • 3277bb8 prepare next release
  • 0fbbe88 [maven-release-plugin] prepare release

Raymond Augé (12):

  • 40487a9 Bump jackson-jaxrs-json-provider from 2.9.6 to 2.12.0
  • 18b8b9b Bump maven-jar-plugin from 3.0.1 to 3.2.0
  • 749433c Bump findbugs-maven-plugin from 2.4.0 to 3.0.5
  • f13194c Bump osgi.annotation from 7.0.0 to 8.0.0
  • 2a16400 Bump geronimo-annotation_1.3_spec from 1.1 to 1.3
  • 4aa173e only build for dependabot PRs not branches
  • 33a2e38 Bump jettison from 1.3.8 to 1.4.1
  • 3a97ec2 Bump shiro.version from 1.4.0 to 1.7.0
  • 1598a2d Bump org.apache.felix.scr from 2.1.16 to 2.1.24
  • 1b35737 Bump commons-lang3 from 3.10 to 3.11
  • 888072b Bump org.osgi.util.promise from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1
  • 222cc00 remove commons configuration since it's not used

jbonofre (1):

  • 1c374b0 [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

1.0.9 - 1.0.10

Carlos Sierra Andrés (8):

  • e8c4656 [ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.9 prepare for next development iteration
  • e5321e7 [ARIES-1996] Also set runtime delegate when starting the bundle
  • eafb944 [ARIES-2001] Add test to assert the service is released just after introspection
  • e50fc8f [ARIES-2001] Refactor to not use ServiceTuple after getResourceProvider
  • 58d3f09 [ARIES-2001] Dispose the serviceTuple as soon as the registration is complete
  • 63bcd26 obtain the instance lazily
  • 5430a3f Fix indentation
  • eda6d6b make it more obvious it is one or the other

Raymond Auge (1):

  • 25e4f12 add missing example and update the README

Romain Manni-Bucau (5):

  • 9bc35a6 [ARIES-2002] ensure proxies are unwrapped for jaxrs resources
  • a1d59be [ARIES-2002] test for unproxying of getSingletons
  • db1cb1b [ARIES-2003] ensure @ApplicationPath is always ignored
  • eb41442 [ARIES-2002][ARIES-2003] IT for auto unproxying and @ApplicationPath ignore logic
  • 9f7d741 [ARIES-2002] better IT test for unproxying, thanks csierra for the catch

jbonofre (1):

  • 6dd1a3a [maven-release-plugin] prepare release

1.0.8 - 1.0.9

Carlos Sierra Andrés (12):

  • b04385c [ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.8 prepare for next development iteration
  • 35fab08 [ARIES-1968] Use latest CXF
  • 129da98 Document default
  • 3bb9f4d servlet.init. prefix needs to be specified
  • df509e9 Document application.ready.service.filter
  • ce7c3d6 Document that the properties are copied to the registered services
  • c42e8bd Document default.application.base
  • 3f05c3c make sure to use the right version of itests-fragment
  • 171d928 [ARIES-1871] Wait for messages to arrive
  • 7828469 Use latest version
  • f2c5187 Prepare for next release
  • 868050b [ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.9 prepare release

Christian Schneider (1):

  • 7be5ee8 Document configuration properties (thanks to Ray)

GitHub (1):

  • 0972de3 add actions badge

Markus Rathgeb (1):

  • fa67be9 [ARIES-1974] do not replace loopback addresses

Raymond Auge (20):

  • 14b8aca [ARIES-1968] use released version
  • f77e6c4 remove unused legacy resources
  • 333f37e some project cleanup
  • 685d9c3 [ARIES-1980] Move getResourceProvider to Whiteboard
  • f321c13 [ARIES-1980] make it return OSGi to participate in the lifecycle
  • e5521f3 [ARIES-1980] Add property
  • 78bb981 [ARIES-1980] Update tests
  • c309206 [ARIES-1983] openapi integration
  • c0bebf9 github actions
  • 43788d6 [ARIES-1871] Wait for messages to arrive
  • e199656 make project name and description more consistent
  • 9b99c10 let Java version be determined at runtime to support building and testing with different Java versions
  • af63876 in order to keep diffs clean always keep -runbundles in order (we can use -runstartlevel if specific ordering is ever required)
  • 5e0cd50 update to spifly 1.3.0
  • aeb9ba5 prepare to support versions of Java that do not contain JAXB
  • ceb7071 add Java 11 & 14
  • a9384d5 update to bnd 5.1.0
  • c8ac469 test against Java 15-ea
  • 87ef144 add exports required for java 15
  • 7f16404 fix cxf java 15 detection bug

1.0.7 - 1.0.8

Carlos Sierra Andrés (8):

  • 281f15a [ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.7 prepare for next development iteration
  • c9c00e0 [ARIES-1931] Remove defaultweb
  • 625a115 [ARIES-1964] Hide /services CXF endpoint by default
  • 79ee095 Upgrade to CXF 3.2.12
  • e4d2dee [ARIES-1968] Use latest CXF
  • dee3b4d Revert “[ARIES-1968] Use latest CXF”
  • 0608e52 Check in resolver output
  • 065e22c [ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.8 prepare release

1.0.6 - 1.0.7

Carlos Sierra (1):

  • 20c8a0a [ARIES-JAXRS-Whitebord][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.6 prepare for next development iteration

Carlos Sierra Andrés (6):

  • f98319d Do not override default HTTP Whiteboard context
  • a6a383e Fully initialize ServletContextHelper
  • f0417ba [ARIES-1962] Proper registration order
  • 9de6f51 [ARIES-1962] Generalize
  • 659d1b3 [ARIES-1963] Use concurrent set
  • 6fc1e78 [ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.7 prepare release

Tim Ward (1):

  • 22a5cf6 Add tests showing that Aries JAX-RS can break static resource handling

1.0.5 - 1.0.6

Carlos Sierra (17):

  • c7ce0a6 [ARIES-JAX-RS-whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.5 prepare for next development iteration
  • a49649e [ARIES-1929] Defer jaxrs registration initialization
  • 0816520 [ARIES-1929] Special error handling in the first rewire
  • 5e16be2 [ARIES-1929] Add test for errors in the initial case
  • bdd962c [ARIES-1929] Add support for a ready service for applications
  • bd50412 [ARIES-1927] Change order of checks
  • 81d53f0 This test was wrong
  • b147aba Source cleanup
  • b214935 [ARIES-1928] Track extensions per application
  • 7198504 [ARIES-1928] No need to register the registrators in OSGi registry
  • 978eca4 [ARIES-1928] Add new test
  • c48990b Update versions
  • 14d481f [ARIES-1928] These are still needed
  • e24cbef Update versions
  • 3577c3f Use latest release for component DSL
  • c437a6a Commit resolver output
  • 75f978b [ARIES-JAXRS-Whitebord][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.6 prepare release

Raymond Auge (1):

  • c607c3f build badges

1.0.4 - 1.0.5

Carlos Sierra (11):

  • e3bac54 [ARIES-JAX-RS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.4 prepare for next development iteration
  • 7c34c92 [ARIES-JAX-RS-integrations][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.2 prepare release
  • 73ef94b [ARIES-JAX-RS-integrations][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.2 prepare for next development iteration
  • b578664 [ARIES-1914] Store extension resolution state per application
  • 284ecf5 Prevent class loader leak
  • c523979 Add test for dependent extensions
  • 0aa5a0e [ARIES-1916] Fix request lifecycle
  • f97bfc6 add missing uses contraints
  • 05a965b Exclude newly detected package
  • daed160 [ARIES-1916] Add test
  • e3bbce0 [ARIES-JAX-RS-whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.5 prepare release

Carlos Sierra Andrés (1):

  • 4a473ea Flatten the CXF and Aries dependencies into the Whiteboard JAR

Raymond Auge (4):

  • 053927e bnd 4.2.0 and resolution
  • 6a207ba [itest.fragment] use permantent version (just used the latest version)
  • c1195de [eclipse] JDT just does not like this method usage so give in so that it will compile in eclipse
  • 64c2461 [tidy up] bnd 4.2.0, use bundle annotations where possible, etc.

1.0.3 - 1.0.4

Carlos Sierra (19):

  • d9d0081 [ARIES-JAX-RS-WHITEBOARD][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.3 prepare for next development iteration
  • 2c2a4a1 Auto update bndrun
  • cd9befd Use release
  • 5a500d6 [ARIES-JAX-RS-WHITEBOARD-INTEGRATIONS][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.1 prepare release
  • 9b54d5e [ARIES-JAX-RS-WHITEBOARD-INTEGRATIONS][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.1 prepare for next development iteration
  • c7745c4 Revert “[ARIES-JAX-RS-WHITEBOARD-INTEGRATIONS][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.1 prepare for next development iteration”
  • a5788a6 Revert “[ARIES-JAX-RS-WHITEBOARD-INTEGRATIONS][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.1 prepare release”
  • 3e2fba4 mark as deployable
  • 100e41f [ARIES-JAX-RS-WHITEBOARD-INTEGRATIONS][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.1 prepare release
  • b65e7ac [ARIES-JAX-RS-WHITEBOARD-INTEGRATIONS][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.1 prepare for next development iteration
  • cfead5b [ARIES-1884] Only register to default application by default
  • d455961 Rearrange code
  • 3aff199 Test application dependencies against the runtime
  • 7aaeb82 [ARIES-1888] Use SingletonResourceProvider
  • e9e646f [ARIES-1892] Avoid NPE
  • 5300d16 [ARIES-1892] Avoid NPE
  • 6bfef5f [ARIES-1893] Fill the serviceDTO
  • 3a21658 [ARIES-1899] Unify configurations
  • 2805ad3 [ARIES-JAX-RS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.4 prepare release

1.0.2 - 1.0.3

Carlos Sierra (11):

  • d520d4e [ARIES-JAX-RS Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.2prepare for next development iteration
  • 7772301 Update automatic resolution itest.bndrun
  • 66a9eaa Upgrade SCM information
  • 976ab8a [ARIES-JAX-RS Whiteboard integrations][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.0 prepare release
  • e55df2e [ARIES-JAX-RS Whiteboard integrations][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.0 prepare for next development iteration
  • 53cba28 [ARIES-1874] Use “/” as path for default ServletContextHelper
  • e9db12a Move properties to common parent
  • 04c17f1 Code cleaning
  • 937ce8a Fix license header
  • fd4d7de Auto update bndrun
  • d7b93e9 [ARIES-JAX-RS-WHITEBOARD][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.3 prepare release

Jean-Baptiste Onofré (3):

  • d45f76c [ARIES-1875] Use http-whiteboard feature in the aries-jax-rs-whiteboard one
  • fb372d9 [ARIES-1876] Add aries-jax-rs-whiteboard-jackson feature
  • 0c320db Use jackson integration 1.0.0 (currently on stage) in the features

Raymond Auge (1):

  • afff1b7 project and whitespace cleanup, eliminate other warnings (no logical changes at all)

1.0.1 - 1.0.2

Carlos Sierra (16):

  • 47506ef [ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteabord][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.1prepare for next development iteration
  • 663414e [ARIES-1843] Check if any service is unregistering
  • 843fd7a [ARIES-1842] Handle null returns
  • 945d48e Update exported packages for the tests
  • 16f3c9f [ARIES-1852] Missing null check
  • 50d7e9d test avoid a NPE when a method return type is void
  • dcc2cb5 [ARIES-1865] Avoid double unregister
  • 71d88fe [ARIES-1866] Add tests showing tie problem
  • 21ab761 [ARIES-1866] Add comparator opt-in comparator
  • 6a553b4 [ARIES-1868] Properly report if the service is singleton
  • 215e382 [ARIES-1867] Add tests showing filter behaviour
  • ad8d939 Update test resolution
  • 30042ac [ARIES-1870] Do not use file system dependent classes
  • 03ef719 [ARIES-1866] Delegate to JAX-RS ordering
  • 68672b5 Recover CXF JAXB Jettison support under integrations
  • aa79972 [ARIES-JAX-RS Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.2prepare release

Jean-Baptiste Onofré (1):

  • 32eb367 [ARIES-1872] Add Aries JAX-RS Whiteboard Karaf features repository

Raymond Auge (7):

  • 01e6e29 unify pom License header formatting
  • aa4df81 unify pom spacing
  • e1779fb prevent eclipse m2e build from complaining
  • cd133e0 ARIES-1833 Embed component-dsl into jackson extension
  • 079ebef ARIES-1834 add missing osgi.jaxrs implementation requirement to jackson extension
  • 11eb9ce prevent eclipse m2e build from complaining
  • 9face0a re-resolve

1.0.0 - 1.0.1

Carlos Sierra (12):

  • e20e691 [ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteboard][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.0 prepare for next development iteration
  • 85a5b12 Update version resolution
  • d5e624e Update version resolution
  • 96ce3a2 [ARIES-1821] Use prototype scope
  • 3ffc072 Apply count as the latest effect
  • dc976c1 Avoid concurrent modification exception
  • 9f7ecf1 Use (fixed) accumulate
  • 0d7503c [ARIES-1827] Add application.base.prefix to whiteboard
  • 2cbdcdf Do not register anything until start is called
  • 7bd229e Use latest released version
  • 08ceae1 Update SCM information
  • 9bb3709 [ARIES-JAXRS-Whiteabord][maven-release-plugin] 1.0.1prepare release

Raymond Auge (8):

  • dd39b08 remove unused constant
  • a88136a schemagen is not actually needed
  • f29dcb5 some cleanup
  • 556bf64 setup logback/log1.4 logging
  • 507451a ARIES-1823 Optionally support Service Loader Mediator
  • 6eafab4 ARIES-1824 Add missing properties to extensions
  • 9739cf5 delete ununsed fragment module
  • 1eb36e0 Revert “delete ununsed fragment module”

Tim Ward (6):

  • 16da112 Add an integration for Apache Shiro to the JAX-RS Whiteboard
  • 7ceb8f1 Use the Jackson JSON support for JAX-RS, and make it an integration project
  • 8164371 Add support for OSGi Promises as natively asynchronous return types from resource methods
  • 2de73ab Add Provide-Capabilities advertising the integration services, including fixed properties for identification
  • 9bd8e00 Fix typo in the Provide-Capability service definitions
  • 74d37d4 [ARIES-1825] Obtain registrator earlier