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How To Add A New Component in Archiva:
1. Create a project for your component.
2. Declare your class or in this case, consumer as a component as shown in the example below. This
should be put at the class level.
@plexus.component role="org.apache.archiva.consumers.KnownRepositoryContentConsumer"
** role : the interface that your class implements
** role-hint : the lookup name of the component (your class/consumer)
** instantiation-strategy : how your class will be instantiated
3. Make sure to add the snipper below in the <build> section of the project's pom. This is needed to
generate the components.xml.
4. Package your project by executing 'mvn clean package'
5. Let's say you are using the apache-archiva-1.0-beta-2-SNAPSHOT-bin.tar.gz to run Archiva. Unpack
the binaries then go to bin/linux-x86-32/ (assuming you are running on Linux), then execute
'./ console'. Then stop or shutdown Archiva after it started. (This is necessary to unpack
the war file.)
6. Copy the jar file you created in #3 in apache-archiva-1.0-beta-2-SNAPSHOT/apps/archiva/webapp/lib/
7. Add the necessary configurations in archiva.xml (in this case, add 'discover-new-artifact' as a
8. Start up Archiva again.