Apache APISIX Helm Chart

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  1. 04193e1 chore: The metrics interface should not be provided by apisix-gateway service (#544) by Xin Rong · 12 days ago master
  2. ef59001 chore: upgrade APISIX to 3.3.0 (#543) by Gallardot · 3 weeks ago apisix-1.4.0
  3. 5092739 feat: support v2 version for hpa (#468) by Tristan · 6 weeks ago
  4. f46b547 fix:service discovery minimal Kubernetes (#526) by Gallardot · 7 weeks ago
  5. 19dd21f When the version of the K8S server is lower than 1.14-0, ingress cannot be used because of the indentation problem of this else, which caused the incorrect deletion of an extra line (#533) by flylan · 7 weeks ago

Apache APISIX Helm Charts

Apache APISIX Helm Charts provide the installation of Apache APISIX components for kubernetes.

Currently, APISIX Ingress Controller automatically manipulates some APISIX resources, which is not very compatible with APISIX Dashboard. In addition, users should not modify resources labeled managed-by: apisix-ingress-controllers via APISIX Dashboard.

Compatibility matrix

Chart v1.xv3.xv1.xv3.x
Chart v0.xv2.xv1.xv2.x