Apache APISIX Helm Chart

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Apache APISIX Helm Charts

Apache APISIX Helm Charts provide the installation of Apache APISIX components for kubernetes.

Currently, APISIX Ingress Controller automatically manipulates some APISIX resources, which is not very compatible with APISIX Dashboard. In addition, users should not modify resources labeled managed-by: apisix-ingress-controllers via APISIX Dashboard.

Compatibility matrix

Chart v2.xv3.xv1.xv3.x
Chart v1.xv3.xv1.xv3.x
Chart v0.xv2.xv1.xv2.x


We have made numerous broken changes to the APISIX Helm chart between v1.x and v2.x. If you wish to continue using or updating the v1.x, please utilize the apisix/1.x branch available in the repository.