the docker for Apache APISIX

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Docker images are not official ASF releases but provided for convenience. Recommended usage is always to build the source.

How To Build Image

The master branch is for the version of Apache APISIX 2.x. If you need a previous version, please build from the v1.x tag.

Build an image from source

  1. Build from release version:
# Assign Apache release version number to variable `APISIX_VERSION`, for example: 2.4. The latest version can be find at ``

# alpine
$ make build-on-alpine

# centos
$ make build-on-centos
  1. Build from master branch version, which has latest code(ONLY for the developer's convenience):
export APISIX_VERSION=master
# alpine
$ make build-on-alpine

# centos
$ make build-on-centos
  1. Build from local code:
# To copy apisix into image, we need to include it in build context

# alpine

$ APISIX_PATH=/path/to/apisix make build-on-alpine-local

# Might need root privilege if encounter "error checking context: 'can't stat'"

Note: For Chinese, the following command is always recommended. The additional build argument ENABLE_PROXY=true will enable proxy to definitely accelerate the progress.

$ make build-on-alpine-cn

Manual deploy apisix via docker

Manual deploy

QuickStart via docker-compose

start all modules with docker-compose

$ cd example
$ docker-compose -p docker-apisix up -d

You can refer to the docker-compose example for more try.

Quick test with all dependencies in one Docker container

  • All in one Docker container for Apache APISIX
$ make build-all-in-one
$ docker run -v `pwd`/all-in-one/apisix/config.yaml:/usr/local/apisix/conf/config.yaml -p 9080:9080 -p 2379:2379 -d apache/apisix:whole
  • All in one Docker container for Apache apisix-dashboard

The latest version of apisix-dashboard is 2.4 and should be used with APISIX 2.3.

$ make build-dashboard
$ docker run -v `pwd`/all-in-one/apisix/config.yaml:/usr/local/apisix/conf/config.yaml -v `pwd`/all-in-one/apisix-dashboard/conf.yaml:/usr/local/apisix-dashboard/conf/conf.yaml -p 9080:9080 -p 2379:2379 -p 9000:9000 -d apache/apisix-dashboard:whole

Tips: If there is a port conflict, please modify the host port through docker run -p, e.g.

$ docker run -v `pwd`/all-in-one/apisix/config.yaml:/usr/local/apisix/conf/config.yaml -v `pwd`/all-in-one/apisix-dashboard/conf.yaml:/usr/local/apisix-dashboard/conf/conf.yaml -p 19080:9080 -p 12379:2379 -p 19000:9000 -d apache/apisix-dashboard:whole