Dashboard for Apache APISIX

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Apache APISIX Dashboard

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  • The master version should be used with Apache APISIX master version.

  • The latest released version is 3.0.0 and is compatible with Apache APISIX 3.0.x.

What's Apache APISIX Dashboard

The Apache APISIX Dashboard is designed to make it as easy as possible for users to operate Apache APISIX through a frontend interface.

The Dashboard is the control plane and performs all parameter checks; Apache APISIX mixes data and control planes and will evolve to a pure data plane.

Note: Currently the Dashboard does not have complete coverage of Apache APISIX features, visit here to view the milestones.



Online Playground

Username: admin
Password: admin

Works with APISIX Ingress Controller

Currently, APISIX Ingress Controller automatically manipulates some APISIX resources, which is not very compatible with APISIX Dashboard. In addition, users should not modify resources labeled managed-by: apisix-ingress-controllers via APISIX Dashboard.

Project structure

├── Dockerfile
├── Makefile
├── README.md
├── api
├── docs
├── licenses
└── web
  1. The api directory is used to store the Manager API source codes, which is used to manage etcd and provide APIs to the frontend interface.
  2. The web directory is used to store the frontend source codes.

Build then launch

Support the following ways currently.


Pull requests are encouraged and always welcome. Pick an issue and help us out!

Please refer to the Development Guide.

User Guide

Please refer to the User Guide.


Please refer to the Contribution Guide for a more detailed information.


Please refer to the FAQ for more known issues.


Apache License 2.0