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Apex Malhar Documentation

Repository for Malhar docs available on

Documentation is written in Markdown format and statically generated into HTML using MkDocs. All documentation is located in the docs directory, and mkdocs.yml file describes the navigation structure of the published documentation.


New pages can be added under docs or related sub-category, and a reference to the new page must be added to the mkdocs.yml file to make it availabe in the navigation. Embedded images are typically added to images folder at the same level as the new page.

When creating or editing pages, it can be useful to see the live results, and how the documents will appear when published. Live preview feature is available by running the following command at the root of the repository:

mkdocs serve

For additional details see writing your docs guide.

Site Configuration

Guides on applying site-wide configuration and themeing are available on the MkDocs site.