DataTorrent RTS Release Notes

Version 3.0.0

Platform Enhancements

  • Add jersey client jar for app execution
  • Must catch NoClassDefFoundError when processing operator classes in jar, previously catching Throwable was changed to catching Exception
  • Depend on published netlet version
  • Catch throwable when executing command because launching an app can throw java.lang.VerifyError: bad type on operand stack
  • Deploy all artifacts by default.
  • HA support for stram webservice filter.
  • Removed dependencies in filter to hadoop classes with private audience as their interface has changed from Hadoop 2.2 to 2.6
  • Use tokens from Credentials as UserGroupInformation.getTokens() returns HDFS Namenode hidden tokens that should not be passed to containers.
  • Support for RM delegation token renewal in secure HA environments
  • Token authentication support for buffer server
  • Adding default aggregator for primitive customMetrics
  • Ability to extract javadocs as xml
  • Switch to Java7 and update compiler plugin.
  • Separated out HA token creation from non-HA case as it involves special handling that is subject to change if Hadoop's internals change.
  • Changed the license header to Apache 2.0 license.

Version 2.0.0

Core platform enhancements

  • Role based access control for secure installations
  • LDAP authentication support
  • Better control over application instances with new operator tuning options
  • Numerous bug fixes

Usability improvements

  • Install and launch applications with Application Packages
  • Installer enhancements to support various Hadoop distributions
  • Angular JS based new management console
  • Improvements to log file viewing and tuple recording features

Hadoop Distributed Hash Table (HDHT)

  • HDFS based distributed hash table
  • Optimized for fast access to high volume of small size and potentially unstructured streaming data
  • Does not require any additional software installation or configuration

Malhar operator enhancements

  • New operators for Elastic Search, Solr, and Kinesis
  • Various fixes for fault tolerance, partitioning, and idempotency for existing operators

Sandbox improvements

  • Demo application import and launch inside Console with Application Packages
  • Hadoop services validation and status notification prior to application launch
  • Documentation improvements