How to deploy your project's web site

(In the following instructions we assume that your project is called ‘Apache Foo’; search and replace with your actual project name.)


  1. cd site
  2. svn co target
  3. sudo apt-get install rubygems ruby2.1-dev zlib1g-dev (linux)
  4. sudo gem install bundler github-pages jekyll
  5. bundle install

Add javadoc

If your project supports javadoc, you can copy the generated javadoc into svn each time you need to re-generate.

  1. cd ..
  2. mvn -DskipTests site
  3. mv target/site/apidocs site/target

Running locally

Before opening a pull request, you can preview your contributions by running from within the directory:

  1. bundle exec jekyll serve
  2. Open http://localhost:4000

Pushing to site

  1. cd site/target
  2. svn status
  3. You'll need to svn add any new files
  4. svn ci

Within a few minutes, svnpubsub should kick in and you'll be able to see the results at