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<title>IDE Integration</title>
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<h3>IDE Integration</h3>
All the modern Java IDEs support Apache Ant almost out of the box.
<a href="Integration/jext-plugin.html">AntWork Plugin for the Jext Java Text Editor
<a href="" target="_top">JDEE (Java Development Environment for
Emacs)</a> has built-in text Ant integration: selection of target through text field, execution,
hyperlink to compilation errors. Installation: built-in JDEE 2.2.8 or later. Configuration:
through customize menu "Jde Build Function"
<a href="" target="_top">IDEA</a> has built-in GUI ANT
integration: GUI selection of targets, execution, hyperlink to compilation errors
<a href="" target="_top">NetBeans</a> IDE uses Ant as the basis for its
project system starting with the 4.0 release
<a href="" target="_top">jEdit</a> is an open source Java IDE with some great
plugins for Java dev, a good XML editor and the Antfarm plugin to execute targets in a build
<a href="" target="_top">Eclipse</a> is IBM's counterpoint to NetBeans; an
open source IDE with Java and Ant support
<a href="" target="_top">Virtual Ant</a> GUI allows you
to work on a Virtual File System without dealing with the XML; plugs into Eclipse, Netbeans
&amp; IntelliJ
<a href="" target="_top">WebSphere Studio
Application Developer</a>