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<title>Apache Compress Ant Library</title>
<release version="1.2" date="unreleased">
<action type="update" breaks-bwc="true">
The Apache Compress Antlib now requires Apache Commons
Compress 1.4 and the public domain XZ for Java library if you
want to use the XZ format.
Commons Compress 1.4 is also required for the GNU, STAR and
PAX formats of the tar task.
<action type="add">
Support for xz compression has been added.
<action type="add">
The gunzip and bunzip2 tasks as well as the corresponding
resources now support uncompressing resources that contain
multiple concatenated streams as a single stream. This
behavior has to be enabled explicitly via the
decompressConcatenated attribute.
<action type="add">
The tar task now supports the POSIX 1003.1/PAX way of storing
long file names used by most modern tar implementations.
<action type="add">
The tar resources and the untar task read entries bigger than
8 GByte transparently now, if you use Commons Compress 1.4.
<action type="add">
The tar task writes entries bigger than 8 GByte using POSIX
1003.1/PAX headers or the star extension if you set the format
attribute to "star", "gnu" or "pax". See the tar task's
documentation of details.
<action type="add" breaks-bwc="true">
The tar and untar tasks as well as the tar related resources
now allow the encoding for file names to be specified. The
default is the platform's native encoding, it used to be
ISO-8859-1 in Commons Compress 1.3 and thus the Compress
Antlib 1.1.
<release version="1.1" date="2011-11-05">
<action type="update" breaks-bwc="true">
The Apache Compress Antlib now requires Apache Commons
Compress 1.3 which in turn requires Java5 at runtime.
This change allows the Compress Antlib to support Zip64
<action type="add">
Support for pack200 compression has been added.
<action type="add">
The new pack200normalize task allows you to prepare JAR
archives so they can be signed and compressed with pack200 and
the signature will still be valid after uncompressing them
<action type="add">
Read-only support for the Unix dump format has been added in
the form of an &lt;undump&gt; task and corresponding
&lt;dumpentry&gt; and &lt;dumpfileset&gt; resources.
<action type="update">
A new attribute zip64Mode provides finer grained control over
whether Zip64 extensions will be used in the &lt;zip&gt; task.
<action type="update">
The &lt;zip&gt; task has a new attribute zip64Mode that
controls whether Zip64 extended information is written to the
<action type="update">
The &lt;ar&gt; task now optionally suppports writing entries
with names longer than 16 characters using the BSD variant of
AR archives.
<action type="add">
The unarchiving tasks and fileset types share a new attribute
skipUnreadableEntries that can be used to ignore archive
entries that Apache Commons Compress knows it cannot handle
(like encrypted ZIP entries or sparse files in GNU tar
<action type="update">
The preserveLeadingSlashes attribute of the &lt;tar&gt; task
now works as expected.