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Interim build-snippet.
The original of this snippet is maintained in the antlib-common project.
<project default="bootstrap" xmlns:unless="ant:unless" xmlns:if="ant:if">
<!-- Which released version of AntUnit to use, where to download, where to store. -->
<property name="antunit.version" value="1.3"/>
<property name="antunit.url" value="${antunit.version}/ant-antunit-${antunit.version}.jar"/>
<property name="antunit.file" value="ant-antunit.jar"/>
<!-- Skip unnecessary tasks. -->
<available property="antunit.present" file="${antunit.file}"/>
<target name="update-prepare-script">
<echo>updating prepare.xml</echo>
<copy file="common/prepare.xml" tofile="prepare.xml"/>
<target name="get-antunit" unless="antunit.present">
<echo>updating AntUnit</echo>
<get src="${antunit.url}" dest="${antunit.file}" usetimestamp="true"/>
<!-- Use a 'bootstrap-phase' so changes of the preparation could be catched in the same CI-cycle. -->
<target name="bootstrap"
description="Bootstraps the preparation script by updating this script from common."
<echo>Bootstrap done. Next step:</echo>
<echo> ant -f prepare.xml prepare</echo>
<target name="prepare"
description="Prepare the build by 'preparing' the infrastructure"
<echo>Preparation done. Next steps:</echo>
<echo> ant clean distribution</echo>
<echo> ant -lib ${antunit.file} -lib build/lib test</echo>