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<title>Apache AntUnit</title>
<release version="1.5" date="unreleased">
<release version="1.4" date="2018-06-25">
<action type="update" breaks-bwc="true">
The coordinates inside the Ivy file have been changed to match
those of the POM.
<action type="fix" issue="57341">
The br-replace template inside the XSLT stylesheets used by
for reports could cause stack overflows or out-of-memory errors
when applied to big outputs.
<action type="update" breaks-bwc="true">
AntUnit now requires at least Ant 1.8.1 at runtime.
<release version="1.3" date="2014-05-14">
<action type="add" issue="53383">
New assertion assertRefResourceExists,
assertRefResourceDoesntExist, assertRefResourceContains,
assertRefResourceDoesntContain, assertNestedResourceExists,
assertNestedResourceDoesntExist have been added. These new
assertions work for non-filesystem resources unlike their
existing cousins of AntUnit 1.2.
<action type="add" issue="43582">
A new AntUnitListener named "logforwarder" can be attached to
forward any log output from the project under test to the
project running the AntUnit task immediately.
<action type="fix" issue="56470">
LogCapturer can now optionally add (platform dependent) line
breaks between log messages that it records.
The log related assertions and the logcontent resource have a
new attribute "mergeLines" that controls the line breaks, it
defaults to "true" - i.e. no line breaks - to preserve backwards
<release version="1.2" date="2011-08-16">
<action type="update" breaks-bwc="true">
assertResourceContains now first validates that the given
resource actually exists using assertResourceExists - this may
lead to a different error message than the ones generated with
AntUnit 1.1.
<action type="add">
New assertion assertResourceExists and assertResourceDoesntExist
have been added.
<action type="fix" breaks-bwc="true">
The XSLT stylesheets now create HTML files instead of plain text
for logs sent to System.err and System.out. You can always get
back to your own reporting by providing custom stylesheets.
<action type="add" issue="49168">
It is now possible to pass references from the build file
containing the &lt;antunit&gt; task to the build files under
<action type="add">
Add experimental JUnit3 and JUnit4 adapters allowing to launch
AntUnit script from JUnit runner. The API of that code is not
fixed and may change in future releases.
<action type="update">
expectfailure report the original build exception chained when failing
<action type="fix">
Default XSLT stylesheets now properly escape XML in exception
stack traces.
<action type="fix">
assertPropertyContains was not checking the value of the property but
the name of the property.
<action type="add">
Add a fail task that makes a test case fail if no condition is provided or
if the provided one is evaluated to false.
<release version="1.1" date="2008-09-26">
<action type="fix" issue="42745">
assertFileExists example wrong, should use @file instead of @name
<action type="fix" issue="43466">
Failure in tearDown doesn't result in failed test run
<action type="fix" issue="43639">
assertMatches' casesensitive attribute didn't default to true as
<action type="add" issue="43639">
added a new assertDoesntMatch assertion
<action type="add" issue="43475">
added suiteSetUp and suiteTearDown targets
<action type="add" issue="43604">
plainlistener and xmllistener can now optionally contain the
test's log output in their reports
<action type="add" issue="43614">
xmllistener will now log the properties of the project under
<action type="add">
added new assertResourceContains and assertResourceDoesntContain