Ambari Server Configuration


Ambari Server is configured using a flat text properties file. The file is read once when starting Ambari. Any changes made to the properties file are only reflected after restarting Ambari.


Configuration Properties

The following are the properties which can be used to configure Ambari.


Baseline Values

As the size of a cluster grows, some of the default property values may no longer be sufficient. The below tables offer recommendations on the values of some configuration properties based on the size and usage of the cluster.


Database And Persistence

In addition to the static database connection properties, it's possible to supply custom properties for both EclipseLink and the database driver through

Database Driver

Using the prefix, it's possible to supply specific properties to the database driver being used by Ambari. These properties do not affect JPA or any of the persistence-unit operations. They are solely to govern the behavior of the database driver.

Persistence Unit

EclipseLink properties can also be configured using a prefix of The EclipseLink properties should be defined in their entirety with the prefix prepended in front of them.