Property View Example


The Property View is an example of a basic REST service that serves the configuration parameter values. It demonstrates the very basics of how to use the different options available with configuration parameters such as label, placeholder, default and description.


All views are packaged as a view archive. The view archive contains the configuration file and various optional components of the view.


The view.xml file is the only required file for a view archive. The view.xml is the configuration that describes the view and view instances for Ambari.


The view can be built as a maven project.

cd ambari-views/examples/property-view
mvn clean package

The build will produce the view archive.


Place the view archive on the Ambari Server and restart to deploy.

cp property-view-0.1.0.jar /var/lib/ambari-server/resources/views/
ambari-server restart

Create View Instance

With the view deployed, from the Ambari Administration interface, create an instance of the view (called PROPERTY_1) to be used by Ambari users.

Access the view service end point:


Access the view UI: