Auto Cluster View Example


The Auto Cluster View is an example of a view that can be auto-created and configured to leverage the Ambari REST APIs to access a cluster being managed by Ambari.


The view can be built as a maven project.

cd ambari-views/examples/auto-cluster-view
mvn clean package

The build will produce the view archive.



Place the view archive on the Ambari Server and start to deploy.

cp auto-cluster-view-???.jar /var/lib/ambari-server/resources/views/
ambari-server start

Cluster Association

To associate a view instance with a cluster, you need to have an Ambari managed cluster. Use the Ambari install wizard to create a cluster that includes the YARN service.

When the YARN service is added to the cluster a new instance of the AUTO-CLUSTER view named AUTO_CLUSTER_INSTANCE should be automatically added.

Access the view instance end point: