TEZ View


This view provides a web interface for TEZ.


  • Ambari 1.7.0
  • TEZ 0.6.0 or above


The view can be built as a maven project.

mvn clean install

The build will produce the view archive.



For the UI to work as expected with all the required data, the following configurations must be set.

In tez-site.xml

  • tez.runtime.convert.user-payload.to.history-text Should be enabled to get the configuration options. If enabled, the config options are set as userpayload per input/output.

In yarn-site.xml

  • yarn.timeline-service.http-cross-origin.enabled Enable CORS in timeline.
  • yarn.resourcemanager.system-metrics-publisher.enabled Enable generic history service in timeline server
  • yarn.timeline-service.enabled Enabled the timeline server for logging details
  • yarn.timeline-service.webapp.address Value must be the IP:PORT on which timeline server is running

In configs.js

  • Visibility of table columns can be controlled using the column selector in the UI. Also an optional set of file system counters can be made visible as columns for most of the tables. For adding more counters refer configs.js.

Deploying the View

Use the Ambari Vagrant setup to create a cluster:

Deploy the TEZ view into Ambari.

cp tez-view-0.6.0-SNAPSHOT.jar /var/lib/ambari-server/resources/views/
ambari-server restart

From the Ambari Administration interface, create a TEZ view instance.

Details: Instance NameTEZUI
Details: Display NameTEZ
Details: DescriptionA web interface for TEZ
Properties: yarn.ats.urlhttp://yarn.timeline-service.hostname:8188
Properties: yarn.resourcemanager.urlhttp://yarn.resourcemanager.hostname:8088

Login to Ambari as “admin” and browse to the view instance.