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"License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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from config import Config
class Docker:
Docker represents a Docker container, each with its IP and domain name
def __init__(self, ip, mask, weave_domain_name):
self.ip = ip
self.mask = mask
self.weave_domain_name = weave_domain_name
def to_json(self):
create a map to hold the information of the Docker instance
:return: A map, which is JSON format object.
docker_json = {}
docker_json["weave_ip"] = "{0}/{1}".format(self.ip, self.mask)
docker_json["weave_domain_name"] = self.weave_domain_name
return docker_json
def load_from_json(json_data):
load the docker information from a JSON object
:param json_data: a map, which is a JSON object
:return: a Docker object
ip = json_data["weave_ip"].split("/")[0]
mask = json_data["weave_ip"].split("/")[1]
weave_domain_name = json_data["weave_domain_name"]
return Docker(ip, mask, weave_domain_name)
def __str__(self):
return str(self.ip) + "/" + str(self.mask) + " " + self.weave_domain_name
def get_weave_domain_name(cluster_name, index):
given the index and the name of cluster, generate the Weave domain name for the docker
:param cluster_name: the name of the cluster
:param index: a number
:return: Weave domain name of the docker container
return "{0}-{1}-{2}.{3}".format(Config.ATTRIBUTES["container_hostname_fix"],
index, cluster_name, "weave.local")
def get_pattern_presentation(cluster_name, range_str):
return Docker.get_weave_domain_name(cluster_name, range_str)
def get_index(self):
extract the index of the docker within the cluster
:return: the index
return self.weave_domain_name.split("-")[1]
def get_container_name(self):
:return: the name of the container
return self.get_hostname()
def get_hostname(self):
return self.weave_domain_name.split(".")[0]