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Log Search Server

Start locally from maven / IDE

Other services (like zookeeper, solr, logfeeder) can be started with docker-compose

cd ambari/ambari-logsearch/docker
docker-compose up -d zookeeper solr logfeeder

Then you can start Log Search server from maven

cd ambari/ambari-logsearch/ambari-logsearch-server
# or
mvn clean package -DskipTests spring-boot:run

You can also start Log Search server from an IDE as well. One thing is important: the config set location that the server tries to upload to ZooKeeper. By default config sets are located at ${LOGSEARCH_SERVER_RELATIVE_LOCATION:}src/main/configsets in Based or from where you run, you need to set LOGSEARCH_SERVER_RELATIVE_LOCATION env variable properly.