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+# ambari-metrics
+Apache Ambari subproject - Ambari Metrics
+Ambari Metrics System ("AMS") is a system for collecting, aggregating, serving and visualizing daemon and system metrics in Ambari-managed clusters.
+The original JIRA Epic for Ambari Metrics System can be found here: 
+First official release of AMS was with Ambari 2.0.0. With metrics repro split, the aim is to be able to release the sub-project with separate cadence than Amabri.
+ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
+| Term                  | Definition                                                                      |
+ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
+| Metrics Collector     | The standalone server that collects metrics, aggregates metrics, serves metrics |
+|                       | from the Hadoop service sinks and the Metrics Monitor.                          |
+| Metrics Monitor       | Installed on each host in the cluster to collect system-level metrics and       |
+|                       | forward to the Metrics Collector.                                               |
+| Metrics Hadoop Sinks  | Plug-ins into the various Hadoop components sinks to send Hadoop metrics to the |
+|                       | Metrics Collector.                                                              |
+The Metrics Collector is daemon that receives data from registered publishers (the Monitors and Sinks). 
+The Collector itself is build using Hadoop technologies such as HBase Phoenix and ATS. 
+The Collector can store data on the local filesystem (referred to as "embedded mode") or use an external HDFS (referred to as "distributed mode").
+It is a fully distributed collection and aggregation system starting from 2.7.0
+Please refer to the wiki for more detailed info: