Apache Ambari Logsearch is a sub project of Apache Ambari.

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Apache Ambari Log Search

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Log Search is a sub-project of Apache Ambari


Log aggregation, analysis, and visualization for Ambari managed (or any other) services.


  • Parse / aggregate and ship logs
  • Send and index logs in Solr
  • Store logs (structured or unstructured format) in Cloud Storage (S3 / GCS / ADLS / WASB)
  • Full-text Search in logs (if the logs are shipped to Solr)
  • JWT/SSO support
  • Support testing the log parsing on the UI


  • Log Feeder: agent component on all hosts to monitor and ship logs.
  • Log Search Portal: REST API + UI for rendering logs
  • Solr (Optional - default): storage for logs, used by both Log Search Portal and Log Feeder
  • ZooKeeper (Optional - default): configuration service for Solr, Log Search and Log Feeder
  • HDFS / S3 / GCS / ADLS: storage for logs (write only), used by Log Feeder cloud mode

Log Search Architecture Overview




(That is the ambari contribution guide, everything is the same here except use ambari-logsearch repository instead of ambari)