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Version 1.9.0 (September 2018)
New Features
* Personal Dashboard, showing your own tickets, merge requests, projects, etc
* [#8196] Save content before form submission
* [#8085] Add support for checkboxes to the markdown converter
Upgrade Instructions
Run `pip install -r requirements.txt` to install updated dependencies
Run: `paster ensure_index development.ini` in Allura dir
* [#8212] Github import error on deleted users
* [#8217] Content doesn't get saved when rate limit is hit
* Improve new external link dialog
* Fix scrollbar issue in "get link" dialog
* Add search help about specific fields, to blog, chat, discussion, wiki tools
* Audit log table fits better
* Make project status UI more prominent
* Better project import validation
* [#8199] 2FA recovery codes file - line endings
* Don't list your own u/username project as going to be orphaned when disabling your account
* Only float profile project icon to left, avoid possible emoji img like in "Alluraâ„¢"
* [#8186] Make antispam form post expiration configurable
* [#8197] Site admin searches match better
* [#8198] Ability to remove activity entries
* [#8210] Use different tmp dir for code snapshots
* [#8211] Use different tmp dir for project exports
* [#1699] Fix incoming email for wiki pages with space in the title
* Show wiki edit link & login prompt, based on actual perms, not just whether user is logged in
Code Repositories
* [#6070] Make code snapshots based on directory
* [#8194] Persist the list of commits on Merge requests
* [#8200] Update GitPython to support git >= 2.15
* [#8201] Mask/hide email addresses in commit messages
* [#8214] Compute merge request commits in background
* Avoid calling _git.heads unnecessarily
* [#6353] Pre-fill "private" using URL param
* [#8149] Bulk Delete for tickets
* [#8213] Nested replies don't update ticket timestamp
* [#8224] Ticket subscriptions orphaned when moving tickets
* Avoid error when closing a private ticket created by a deleted user
For Developers
* [#8195] More test coverage for rate limiting
* Use correct capitalization for solr "OR"
* Upgrade jinja to 2.10 and avoid bytecode versioning problems
* wrap export controls area on metadata admin page
* Don't generate SHA1 files any more, per ASF policy update
* Provide another master template block to hook in after the "block head" that many individual templates are using (without calling super)
* Support video_url field in project import
* Add a note to the debug section about how to do it with docker
* Make debug pages and post permalinks work correctly when behind a proxy (like docker)
* option to control creating activity, firing webhooks, etc
* Option in to clean commits after certain date
* Publicize previous security fix in changelog
Version 1.8.1 (March 2018)
New Features
* [#8192] StopForumSpam filter and moderation+spam update
* [#8193] Allow rate-limiting of comments
* [#4841] Anonymous updates should be moderated
* [#8182] Improve category management screens
* [#8183] Browse Commits graph should support hi-dpi
* [#8184] Project Importer should include optional icon
* [#8185] Allow additional domain patterns for inbound email
* [#8187] Make forum thread subjects editable
* [#8191] Remove html-only mailing options
* Adds convenience property for Neighborhood shortname
* Fix visual style on a modal cancel button
* Add tool_data field, use ProjectRegistrationProvider shortname validator, cleanup
* Ensure after a pwd reset, you can still log in. Test improvements.
* [#8189] Fix slow forum listings
* [#8188] Config options for some scm limit params
* [#8190] HTTP response splitting vulnerability CVE-2018-1319
* Remove md5 from our release script, per latest ASF dist policy
* Publicize previous security fix in changelog
Version 1.8.0 (February 2018)
New Features
* Notify user of password changes, and more login audit logging
* [#7908] Docker setup for production environment
Upgrade Instructions
Run `pip install -r requirements.txt` to install updated dependencies
To subscribe merge request creators to their own merge requests, run:
paster script config-file.ini ../scripts/migrations/
Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements
* [#8180] StaticFilesMiddleware allows directory traversal CVE-2018-1299
* [#8155] Record logins to audit log
* [#8156] Notify user of password changes
* [#8158] Add antispam measures to login page
* [#8159] Loosen ip requirements for antispam checks
* [#6342] Errors in ForgeLinkPattern parsing
* [#8160] UnicodeEncodeError processing inbound email
* [#8169] Updating markdown cache should not affect last_updated
* [#8172] Markdown dialog shows same text repeatedly
* [#8176] Don't show related artifacts that user can't view
* Make Youtube embed work better with different CSS
* Allow a legacy icon (no original stored) to still be served when a larger width is requested
* If small icon requested, allow resizing down from old icons even if we don't have newer fullsize original
* Add a stylized search button to sidebar search boxes
* When reindexing, set based on current artifact to avoid "Ambiguous link..."
* Make sure fontawesome never is downloaded twice, since we always provide it
* Upgrade to pygments 2.2 (includes faster HTML rendering for long lines)
Code Repositories:
* [#7896] Better plaintext mail for commit notifications
* [#8048] Better email subjects for merge request updates
* [#8157] Improvements to multiple commits in single notification
* [#8164] Merge requests should notify the submitter of changes HAS MIGRATION SCRIPT
* Handle repo's upstream fork being gone, rather than whole sidebar being blank
* Fix git merge requests to not update project last_updated when viewed.
* Show a root directory icon in the repo directory breadcrumbs too
* If a user can "write" to a MR but not "post" to it, still let them reject their MR
* Clarify a bit that a repo refresh is different than just refreshing the page
* Put the disabled attr on the merge button, not the icon within it
* Handle git 2.x output for last-commit detection
* Fix url encoding of diff urls
* Ensure markdown always gets unicode input (e.g. for rendering files from a repo)
* Fix encoding errors noticed in test.log when running tests with weird-chars.git repo
* [#8167] errors when updating blog post, if feed item doesn't exist
* [#8171] Changing your name should update your activity records
* [#8173] Empty activity pages have floating "1"
* [#8175] Better permission handling for non-existent wiki pages
* [#8177] Search bin counts include deleted items
* [#8178] Configurable invalidation delay for bin counts update
* Don't error on search_feed if ticket has unresolvable reporter
* Avoid errors on ticket search if filter=123 or =foo instead of json dict
* Better labels & buttons for creating new forum
* Cache Thread.last_post, which avoids dupe queries when the prop is accessed frequently, e.g. in allura/templates/widgets/threads_table.html
* Include thread subject on spam check (for first post of forum threads)
* [#8162] When purging a project, admin users missing audit log
* [#8174] Improve messaging around icon uploads
* Improve user skills interface:
* Allow subprojects within User-projects to be removed (since you can create them, after all)
* Fix positioning of Create project button
* Add username to admin user detail page title
* Provide convenience link on admin user detail page to remove all their projects
* Stronger delete tool messaging (since some people may use it while on an individual thread page)
For Developers:
* [#8161] Switch from React to Preact - or upgrade to React 16
* [#8168] Remove TreesDoc usage
* [#8179] Use PreferencesProvider for contacts and availability fields
* If an entry point is specified incorrectly, provide helpful error message and continue
* Flash message positioning moved CSS
* Add **kw to various @expose'd methods to avoid errors from extra url params
* Make merge instructions textarea height/width controllable by theme CSS
* Allow packages to have their own test.ini used automatically from their TestController tests
* Fix & clean up breadcrumbs link logic (loop scoping changed in jinja 2.9.x)
* Adds subnav to some account pages, allow explicit selection of current nav item
* Replace g.url usage with h.absurl; have it always use config.base_url so it works fine behind proxies, etc
* Adds extra content block for masthead, Adds optional textbox placeholders
* update jinja version; handle new jinja filter args and loop var scoping
* Add support for a size param in project_icon_srcs
* Tests can sometimes convert markdown in "0 seconds" making the caching not work, so use a slightly negative number
* Provide a AuthProvider hook to do things after login
* Release script: push single tag instead of all tags
Deployment & Configuration:
* Better bearer token https check; Unauthorized instead of Forbidden
* Provide a good index for last_post queries, so mongo won't ever pick the 'timestamp' index which can be very slow
* Config option to customize the default user avatar image
* Remove SF branding from default icon (on profile pages), allow overriding
* Upgrade docker-compose file to v2 format
* Replace forgemail.url with base_url
* Include Date header in email, instead of assuming mail service will add it
* Ticket custom fields that are "number" need to be indexed in solr as double, not int
* Optional support for much faster cchardet, used in really_unicode()
* Use nofollow on raw (download) and mode switching links, to reduce crawling within repos a little bit
Version 1.7.0 (June 2017)
New Features
* [#8143] Support hi-res logos
* Adds ability for neighborhood home to use Wiki home content
Upgrade Instructions
Run `pip install -r requirements.txt` to install updated dependencies
Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements
* [#8140] After password change, change current session id
* update Pypeline for .rst XSS fix
* [#5867] Table display too wide, displaying very wide content in comments
* [#6016] Personal Contacts Remove button not working
* [#8120] CSS problem in help tooltip
* Allow for a lot more text in activity entries; do real truncation client-side
Code Repositories:
* [#7811] Coloring of long lines in diffs stops too early
* [#7814] Showing diffs for renamed files
* [#8144] When pushing multiple commits, email/rss list them backwards
* [#8142] Allow more configuration of types of checkout commands
* Remove unneeded broken icon link
* [#7839] Failed to change permission of discussion
* [#7232] some unmoderated posts missing from in-line discussion view
* [#8021] Surface to spammy users to site admins
* [#8055] Moderate page has wrong params for next/prev page
* [#8073] Prevent pending users from being added to project ACLs
* [#8148] Error exporting with certain attachments
* Remove space in middle of URL that shows where a new tool will be installed at
* Fix broken export control link
* [#8059] Ticket search's dropdown filter choices should not show options from deleted tickets
* [#8150] Bulk edit change comment not shown as meta
* [#8154] Ticket searches not matching properly
* On new ticket page, hide helper text that was showing at bottom of page; regression from [#8145] most likely. Rules copied from jquery-ui.css which isn't included on that page
* [#8112] Filter out comments from rss feeds
* Fix RSS updates to blog posts, when post has comments.
For Developers:
* [#8145] Minimize jquery ui JS
* [#8146] Index error with mongo 3.4
* [#8152] UnicodeDecodeError on svn tarball export's cleanup
* [#8153] Stronger no-cache headers
* Updates to installation (libffi-dev needed for cffi package if not installing from wheel)
* Some SVN errors have critical info after the "Unable to connect" lines (e.g. unreadable repo formats from a newer SVN versions), and should not be treated like an empty/missing dir
* Latest ubuntu requires locales pkg for locale-gen cmd
* Move "stylistic" rules from navbar.css to site_style.css so that different themes can more easily style the nav bar
* Remove unneeded backslashes
* Upgrade jquery.lightbox_me.js so it can work with jQuery 2 (no $.browser)
* Change the ForgeUserStats tests' git repos to be unique from each other so they can be run in parallel safely
* Update link to SVN patch for recursive repos
* Allow spam checks where artifact=None; text fixes; for [ca8b596]
* Update six to latest, to match with latest setuptools' six requirement
* Fix inner_grid for right_bar. Closing quote and variable scoping were wrong. Not used in core allura currently, so hadn't been a problem
* Removes neighborhood cache
* Avoid importer requests hanging indefinitely
* Better debugging with docker
Version 1.6.0 (December 2016)
New Features
* Multifactor authentication and recovery codes
* Add git-http docker container
* Per-thread subscriptions in discussion forums [#7981]
Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements
* Specify python 2.7 and ubuntu 16.04 in docs
* [#6876] Handle revoked OAuth tokens for GitHub import
* [#8132] Fix comment threading when email In-Reply-To header isn't useful
* [#8125] Require password when confirming new email address
* Add rel=nofollow to links in user profiles
* Includes "seconds" in ago() helper
* Remove src="#" that was causing extra requests to the same page
* Fix iframe sanitization so that closing tag is okay, which had been putting closing tags in the wrong place
* Good text wrapping on project lists
* Remove weird notch from project list when project has award, and using 2 or 3 column display
* [#8135] Improve admin categorization page
Code Repositories:
* [#5496] Git browse view stalls on "Loading commit details ..."
* [#8001] Error with git status "T" in a commit
* [#8131] refresh repo task uses wrong query
* Remove message about browser not supporting canvas
* Adds commit id to notification email subject
For Developers:
* [#8062] Naming of docker image is incorrect in docker-compose during initial build using git
* Update docker images, pysolr
* Update for newer `docker-compose logs` syntax
* Fix RAML syntax (queryRequired wasn't coming through as bool in the type def), other minor tweaks
* Split up pylint test into chunks that can be run with nose multiprocess; move pyflakes chunks into parallelized pattern
* Various other test improvements
* Remove requirements from
Version 1.5.0 (August 2016)
New Features
* [#3593] Add a guided tour after project registration
* [#8088] Design changes to Discussions
* Added project count and new design for neighborhood listing
* Design changes to list attachments. Added lightbox_me to view images
* Updated design of tool listing
* Added refresh commits button to merge requests
* Added emoji rendering via twemoji
Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements
* [#4644] Don't whitelist form elements in markdown processing
* [#8006] Large timeline performance issue in activity stream
* [#8082] Rate limit artifact creation per-user NEEDS INDEX
* [#8094] Improve project creation UX
* [#8110] moderation queue items with long lines break layout
* Added optional parameter metalink in sendmail function that adds a view button in email clients
* Move help/fullscreen/preview icons on markdown editor to the right
* Fix how far lists inside comments can go; a proper fix for [#6248]
* Compressed PNG images losslessly using OptiPNG (-o6 -zm1-9)
* No rate limiting for anonymous user; on wiki page edit check perms before rate limit
* Whitelist posts for members of a project
Code Repositories:
* [#6409] CSS & JS on commit view missing
* [#7949] Better listing of files changed in a certain commit
* [#7965] Improve git/hg/svn endpoints for rest api
* [#8048] Better email subjects for merge request updates
* [#8078] Missing notification when using the one-click merge button
* [#8090] Show merge requests in sidebar, even if there are 0
* Added link items of owner column to filter by assigned_to
* Improve design of merge requests listing filter
* Fix for scm-ssh-key to be visible only if allow upload ssh key is true
* Speed up checking of newly forked repo (patterned after tarball, merge request pages)
* Use authored date instead of committed date in merge requests
* [#8087] Make Columns resizable in ticket table and ticket search
* [#8104] Skip creating metapost if list of changes is empty
* [#8106] tracker: can't reply to comment which was just moderated Approved
* [#8108] tracker markdown text editor handles end key incorrectly
* [#8071] Create wiki page button should work without admin access
* [#5194] For newly registered projects, don't send new wiki page email
* [#7858] /categories URLs needs to use unique ids
* Don't error out when reindexing a post/thread that has been deleted
* Specify title for /nf/admin/new_projects page
* [#8077] Add author profile picture information to the post inside response from the API
* [#8092] REST API for User Activity does not work due to missing attribute
For Developers:
* [#8040] Upgrade SimpleMDE and contribute our toggleCodeBlock
* [#8079] ensure_index command should not drop indexes
* [#8109] Reduce gridfs index creation
* Update copyright year.
* Adds a jinja block for specifying css classes on body element
* Remove modernizr and some unused related classes.
* Updated readme
* Minor updates to release script
* Do not buffer output from gunicorn (or taskd/mail containers that extend this one), useful when using print statements during dev
* Stop tracking ForgeGit/forgegit/tests/data/testgit.git/FETCH_HEAD file which changes values based on local machine when running tests
* Add a few helpful notes for Docker installation, move login info to Post-setup section so Docker installers see it too
Version 1.4.0 (April 2016)
Upgrade Instructions
To show a custom logo, update your .ini file with logo.* settings (see development.ini for examples)
To show custom header links, set global_nav in the .ini file
New Features
* [#7919] [#7920] New admin nav bar
* [#5940] Add options for site logo and links in header
* [#8023] [#8024] Site notification admin interface
* [#6662] [#8051] Add attachments to Export
* [#7987] Standardize fenced blocks in markdown
Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements
Code Repositories:
* [#8029] Submitter should be able to reject merge request
* [#8042] Better handing of tmp dirs during merge
* [#8072] Change "asked you to merge" text
* Remove .ts from list of known binary extensions; allow repo settings to override binary blacklist
* Encode username for git
* [#7998] Adding attachment to wiki loses your text changes
* [#7929] Enable voting on tickets by default
* [#8069] Ticket search error: undefined field assigned_to
* [#8061] Attachments not visible if ticket status is 'pending'
* [#4153] RSS feed for blog should not show revisions or deleted posts
* [#8031] Show blog search box
* [#7145] When deleting a tool, the solr call should be a bg task
* [#7682] Add confirmation dialog to award/awardgrant delete
* [#8020] Easy way to view all posts from a certain user, and flag as spam
* [#8033] broken
* [#8037] Change "Label" admin option to "Rename"
* [#8057] Handle user-projects better in project delete form
* When deleting a user project, actually do it - not just disable the user
* [#4849] Pages are more printer-friendly
* [#7978] Activity page fixes
* [#8003] Bugs in attachments to comments
* [#8005] Subprojects not checked for 'deleted' flag
* [#8010] Markdown editor does not load when url hash contains slashes
* [#8013] New Users should not be displayed in /u/wiki/home until email is verified
* [#8036] Update modal css (simple-flat-dark)
* [#8046] Don't duplicate titles on neighborhood pages
* [#8066] Don't error out on missing users
* Add login redirect to the nav "Log In" link
* better tool descriptions
For Developers:
* [#7907] Use standardized solr installation
* [#7921] Remove old tool configuration page
* [#8032] Set up primary emails for test users (paster setup-app)
* [#8034] Fire event for any menu changes
* [#8035] Finalize frontend eslint/jscs setup
* [#8038] Support mongo 3.x
* [#8039] Change jslint to use an npm tool instead of java
* [#8041] Update regexes to match DNS host rules better
* [#8044] API for current site notification
* [#8047] Akismet filter needs to send original metadata when reporting spam/ham
* [#8054] Remove Google Code importers
* Add audit log messages to script
* Docker fixes
* Add clear_user_data and from_username helper methods
* Add guardfile for livereload of frontend changes
* Delete bootstrap tasks instead of running them; 30-40% speedup in test run time
* new admin APIs, new _nav.json param
* remove AdminModal widgets, use JS directly
* remove sidebar_menu_widgets and admin_menu_widgets, using JS directly instead
* upgrade existing react code to 0.14
* better calculation of tool/subproject ordinal values when installing
Version 1.3.2 (December 2015)
Upgrade Instructions
To enable faster commit views, by skipping copy detection, update the development.ini file to set
scm.commit.git.detect_copies and scm.commit.hg.detect_copies to false.
New Features
* [#6797] Move API docs from wiki to RAML. Browse at
* [#7922] Add "admin" section to the left sidebar of all tools
* [#7924] Update icon set to FontAwesome
* [#7999] Admin page to really delete projects
* [#8004] Cleaner project nav, tool icons removed
* [#7955] Add more formatting support to markdown editor
* [#5694] Set max limit on limit param
* [#8011] Served SVG images can execute JS
Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements
* [#7957] Document how to run allura with gunicorn/uwsgi/mod_wsgi
* [#7995] Some docker config & doc improvements
* [#7911] Remove "bin" terminology from saved searches pages
Code Repositories:
* [#7403] [Allura|Bug] - Typo found in initial Git command description.
* [#7538] If diff is empty, it shouldn't show "empty file" [ss7532]
* [#7913] Handle parsing of the output from git 2.4.0+
* [#7925] Speed up diff processing with binary files
* [#7963] Speed up commit view by disabling copy detection with option
* [#7822] Should not show draft blog post changes in activity stream
* [#7871] Send email notifiction on wiki page delete
* [#7923] Left sidebar should show appropriate links when viewing tool options
* [#7943] Limit the "_discuss" results from the tickets api.
* [#7948] Cursor position often wrong in new markdown editor
* [#7950] Markdown editor should have max height
* [#7970] Expand urlopen retry conditions
* [#7994] Fix comments split across two threads, not all comments showing
* [#8016] Dialog 'cancel' link in wrong place
* [#7946] Error setting channel in Chat's options
* [#7953] API endpoints error when using access_token as URL param
* [#7984] Fix layout at bottom of subscriptions page
* [#7990] Change link on new_projects admin page
* [#7997] image attachments visible on posts (replies) awaiting moderation
* [#8007] Broken icon images when running under gunicorn
* [#8014] Bug: removed upsert() method needed by TracWikiImporter
* [#7959] Need to set focus when phone validation overlay appears
* [#7960] clean_phone_number function is too eager to prepend 1-
* [#7969] Option to force phone validation language
* [#7979] Phone validation interfering with project import
* [#7991] Option to limit phone validation usage
For Developers:
* [#7976] JSX and ES6 support, via Broccoli toolchain
* [#8026] Remove jquery.file_chooser.js
* [#8027] Fix licensing of several files
* [#7964] test_merge_request_detail_view fails (intermittent)
* [#7980] Fix pep8 and pyflakes violations
* [#8015] Activitystream needs ming config option
* [#8028] Use virtualenv inside docker
Version 1.3.1 (August 2015)
Upgrade Instructions
To enable CORS headers for the rest APIs, use the cors.* settings in the development.ini file.
If you have your own .ini file, enable git tag & branch caching speedups by setting: repo_refs_cache_threshold = .01
New Features
* [#5943] Post-setup instructions
* [#6373] Document administrative commands
* [#7897] Live syntax highlighting for markdown editing
* [#7927] Allow CORS access to rest APIs
* [#7540] Ticket notifications should include links to attachments
* [#7947] XSS vulnerability in link rewriting
* [#7942] In project admin - user permissions, removing a custom group needs to use POST
* [#7685] Subscribe/unsubscribe action should use POST
Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements
* [#4020] Date picker in milestone editor doesn't flip between months
* [#4802] Wiki edit link is not very discoverable
* [#7310] "Maximize" should stick
Code repositories:
* [#7873] Git branch & tag speedups -- NEEDS INI
* [#7894] Don't update merge request timestamps incorrectly
* [#7932] Fix pagination issue in the commit browser
* [#7899] Issue with downloading files from repo with spaces in name
* [#7906] Fix login check on
* [#7880] Forums mail not getting sent that require moderation
* [#7930] Bug: viewing a thread updates project mod_date
Project Admin:
* [#7884] Move add/edit Features to Metadata section
* [#7885] Tooltip for project admin
* [#7898] Icon upload/edit is not clear
* [#7803] Fix taskd_cleanup to search for right process name
* [#7889] Improve markdown logic for cached vs threshold limits
* [#7890] Neighborhood cache preventing saving admin changes
* [#7916] Error when handling user-profile URLs of users with invalid names.
* [#7928] Site admin search tables can overflow the page width
* [#7903] No mention about small letters in user registration
* [#7909] Use dashes when suggesting project shortnames
* [#7915] Move Allura installation instructions into the docs
For Developers:
* [#7809] Update install/docker to ubuntu 14.04
* [#7891] Remove zarkov integration code
Version 1.3.0 (June 2015)
Upgrade Instructions
* Run: cd Allura; paster script development.ini allura/scripts/
New Features
* [#4542] Implement webhooks
* [#7832] APIs to manage webhooks
* [#7829] Webhooks documentation
Merge requests:
* [#7830] One-click merge
* [#7865] Config options to disable one-click merge requests
* [#7866] Run can_merge in background, and cache results
* [#7882] Option to use a tmp dir for git ops on merge request view
* [#7872] Show markdown preview/help buttons for merge requests
Phone verification:
* [#7868] Phone verification system
* [#7881] Clean up phone numbers before using them
* [#7887] Better messaging for phone validation
* [#7806] Create a docker image for Allura
* [#7886] Config options to limit ticket & wiki page creation
* [#7840] Support Authorization header for OAuth
* [#7633] API for has_access
* [#6057] Adding an external link should be one step, not two
* [#7850] Ability to close discussion on a ticket
* [#6107] Disable email posting for the forum? [ss3579]
* [#7786] Invalidate pwd reset tokens after email change
* [#7893] CSRF checks don't work on login
Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements
* [#6017] Should show attachment changelog when ticket gains an attachment
* [#5467] Create Issue Button Should Always Appear (Only possibly refer to an explanation for why it was disabled).
* [#7834] Bug: viewing a ticket updates its 'updated' date
* [#7874] UnicodeEncodeError on ticket attachment diff
Code Repositories:
* [#7837] Use repo directly instead of DiffInfoDoc
* [#7843] Handle quotes in filenames on commit view
* [#7857] Retry svnsync repo clone failures
* [#7825] Update "new commits" email template
* [#7836] Merge request shows 0 commits, if upstream has new commits
* [#7841] wiki code to not show delete authors.
User Profile:
* [#7072] User can't access personal subscriptions page [ss6565]
* [#7833] Trim emails before saving them to mongo NEEDS SCRIPT
Tools Configuration:
* [#7817] Replace "mount point" field with URL field, on tool creation forms
* [#7820] Validate URLs when configuring external link tool
* [#7864] Error on google code import with paginated comments
* [#7854] Decode html entities in importers; and make taskd easier to debug
Activity Stream:
* [#7823] Commit activity is assigned to wrong person
* [#7082] Filter deleted, unmoderated, or spam artifacts from Activity Stream
* [#7888] has_activity_access/deleted error
* [#7892] script/task to disable list users
For Developers:
* [#7827] Upgrade jQuery to latest version
* [#7835] Update theme for the documentation.
* [#7855] Upgrade docutils, Pygments and Babel, so docs can be built easily
* [#7869] During tests, apply patches only once
* [#7870] Clean up .ini files
* [#1731] Cannot delete a post, after deleting its parent
* [#7852] Don't update mod time when viewing artifact creates a cache
* [#7856] Error looking up user by email address when email is invalid
* [#7876] projects macro display_mode=list is missing CSS
Version 1.2.1 (February 2015)
Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements
* [#5726] RSS feed for discussion stopped 12/13/2012? [ss2637]
* [#6248] long lines in markdown lists get truncated on the right [ss4073]
* [#7772] Type text is splitted in more lines if separated by spaces in bulk edit
* [#7813] Handle uppercase in email address all the time
* [#7815] KeyError: 'name'
* [#7808] Check for wiki presence before importing it
* [#7831] Logout issue
* [#7816] Show/manage user's pending status
* [#7821] More accurate audit logs when changing user's status
* [#7824] Cache neighborhood record
For developers:
* [#7516] Timing may case test_set_password_sets_last_updated to fail
* [#7795] test_version_race fails occassionally
* [#7819] New email address lookup helpers fail on None
Version 1.2.0 (December 2014)
Upgrade Instructions
* Edit Allura/development.ini and set: activitystream.enabled = true
* Run: mongo allura scripts/migrations/030-email-address-_id-to-email--before-upgrade.js
* Run: mongo allura scripts/migrations/030-email-address-_id-to-email--after-upgrade.js
* Run (optional): mongo allura scripts/migrations/030-email-address-_id-to-email--cleanup.js
* Run: cd Allura; paster ensure_index development.ini
* Run: cd Allura; paster script development.ini ../scripts/migrations/
* Run: cd Allura; paster script development.ini allura/scripts/
New Features
* [#7097] New profile page design
* [#7156] Turn on activitystreams by default
* Admin page to search for projects
* Admin pages to search, view, and edit user details
* [#7524] User audit trail, for site admins
* [#7593] Allow site admins to add user audit entries
* LDAP improvements
* [#7409] Configurable max & min password lengths
* [#7432] Password expiration
* [#7451] Remember me option on login
* [#7372] Allow users to disable their own accounts
* [#2286] Ability to restrict tools per neighborhood
* [#4019] Add an easy way to filter ticket queries by open/closed without knowing Solr syntax
* [#4905] button to subscribe to a wiki
* [#7134] Added option to allow overriding repo clone URL
* [#7381] Google code importer should handle Apache-Extras/EclipseLabs projects
Removed functionality:
* [#1687] Remove pre-oauth API keys (use OAuth now)
* [#7013] Remove broken openid support
Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements:
* [#4602] Artifact links to closed tickets should have strikethrough
* [#4987] Artifact links within a tool should match within tool first
* [#4703] "Related" artifacts should indicate project/tool if referencing other project
* [#6305] Merge email notifications when possible
* [#7213] Discussion edit/reply non-functional in IE11 (at least)
* [#7378] RSS feeds shouldn't include comments held for moderation
* [#7679] project admin listings should not include disabled users
Users & Authentication:
* [#6677] User profile's list of projects is slow to build
* [#5414] Typo on user prefs page
* [#3815] return_to field not created in LoginForm
* [#7085] error on activity rss feed for users
* [#7164] Make activity widgets show 5 items if possible
* [#7410] Show more info in password recovery flow
* [#7436] /auth/preferences cleanup
* [#7452] Require an email address be verified before it is set as primary
* [#7480] Track last session info
* [#7484] OAuth app names don't need to be globally unique NEEDS ENSURE_INDEX
* [#7492] Clean up incomplete sentence in activity feed
* [#7523] Better to go to /auth/preferences after email addr verification
* [#7526] Fix mail headers in email verification email
* [#7527] Email address associations need better user associations NEEDS MONGO MIGRATION
* [#7543] Password recovery should not confirm email addr existance
* [#7545] return_to param should be validated for relative URLs
* [#7585] Require password entry for changes to email settings
* [#7635] Add autofocus to login form
* [#7636] Fix forgotten pwd link on login overlay
* [#7688] Redirect to password expiration page after login
* [#7704] Option to require email for user registration NEEDS MIGRATION
* [#7715] Handle + in email address url params
* [#7717] Better existing email addr handling
* [#7732] Be able to use secure cookies and SSLMiddleware
* [#7756] Ensure user always go to pwd expired form, when expired
* [#7759] After resetting pwd and logging in, don't redir back to pwd reset form
* [#7761] Disabling a user does not remove/disable his primary email
* [#7787] Ldap error when logging in with unicode in username or password
* [#7794] "Page Size" preference must actually affect pagination
* [#7799] Changing password should invalidate other sessions
* [#5939] Missing icons on permission edit page
* [#6495] Screenshot admin UI improvements
* [#6834] Inconsistent display of new user in Permissions
* [#6949] Error on export: artifact ref and cleanup
* [#7014] Trove category editing improvements
* [#7075] Screenshot macro incorrectly includes text about sorting
* [#7275] Add users broken in IE11
* [#7293] Create Trove Category browse page
* [#7347] Add URL and comment fields to AwardGrant
* [#7351] When export control is True, it always records a change in the audit log
* [#7613] Integrate sortable.js to the new_projects page
* [#7675] Fix error when deleted permission group is still referenced
Code Repositories:
* [#5175] Merge requests should have a good <title>
* [#5176] Merge requests should show the date
* [#6164] Ability to edit merge requests
* [#6301] Track changes to merge requests
* [#6902] Merge request to branch list commits against master
* [#7295] Bigger text inputs for merge requests
* [#5472] JS spinner uses a lot of CPU
* [#5700] Replace "git branch --set-upstream" with "git branch --set-upstream-to"
* [#5769] Can't select code via double- or triple-click
* [#6764] Git test failures on 1.8.3
* [#7021] Handle pgp-signed git commits
* [#7051] 500 error with large number of repos
* [#7069] unable to view/process merge requests when fork is deleted
* [#7127] "Download snapshot" background too tall
* [#7207] git repos without master branch behave poorly
* [#7325] Uninitialized git repo allows forking.
* [#7333] svn web import tool breaks repos
* [#5948] Status on individual Milestone view always shows Open
* [#6019] List current user first in user-drop-downs
* [#4701] Add current ticket's milestone to email notification
* [#4981] Ticket voting buttons should only display if you have permission to vote
* [#7399] JS errors on ticket bulk edit prevent submission
* [#7495] 'url' missing on MovedTicket models
* [#7560] Avoid weird permissions when anonymous creates a private ticket
* [#7566] Milestone admin page can be very slow
* [#7528] XSS on wiki page and preview
* [#7107] Add confirmation to "Revert to Version" button
* [#7168] Markdown macro to load content from repository
* [#7202] Use https for youtube embed
* [#7353] Cannot delete wiki entries
* [#7294] "related" section header not aligned properly
* [#7647] Script to clean up, or code to handle, Dupe Key errors on wiki page_history
* [#6930] Email notification for a blog post rename stating the opposite
* [#7218] Feedburner doesn't like Blog RSS feed
URL Shortener:
* [#7324] Fix incorrect div width on URL shortening tool
* [#7208] DOAP API for projects
* [#7292] User profile API
* [#7267] Change TroveCategory event API
* [#7507] Project API errors on unicode screenshot name
* [#7508] Add project creation date to API
* [#7659] Allow tools to add fields to project json API
* [#7722] API for disabled users should 404
* [#7789] Return more fields in ticket API search results
* [#7114] Make imports work on user projects
* [#7124] Validate Trac URLs before importing
* [#7111] Refactor tool importers to use target_app for g.entry_points
* [#7160] Trac-Tickets Importer Rejects URL Containing IP Address
* [#7177] Trac ticket error: astimezone() cannot be applied to a naive datetime
* [#7580] Ticket attachments aren't imported in Allura importer
* [#7801] Issues import from GitHub is broken
* [#6561] Clean up setup-app output
* [#6701] Integrate allura authorization with Git/SVN (over HTTP)
* [#7128] Change SVN's browse commits graph to direct SCM access
* [#7163] Create read perms on ForgeActivity app - NEEDS MONGO CMD
* [#7214] Fix pytidylib install; admin page when tools not installed
* [#7224] Timermiddleware should measure mongo write ops too
* [#7277] Incubator graduation items
* [#7287] Update docs/scm_host.rst with info about
* [#7316] Review & update scm_host docs
* [#7309] add_project form lists all tools, including several that won't work
* [#7307] Broken handling of InvalidDocument: BSON document too large
* [#7513] Fixing imported wiki pages with slashes in titles
* [#7510] Test extracting Allura tickets for Apache move
* [#7582] Script to set up MovedTicket records for tickets we're moving to Apache
* [#7628] Clean up dupe trove categories / test_filtering fails occasionally NEEDS CMD
* [#7683] Make collection of birthdate configurable
* [#7800] Standardize IP addr lookup
* [#7027] Cache /nf/tool_icon_css better
* [#7181] users_with_named_role should query for the name role only
* [#7185] project list macro makes unnecessary queries
* [#7186] Need index on artifact_feed (project_id, pubdate) NEEDS ENSURE_INDEX
* [#7199] filter projects in
* [#7472] Thread view counts shouldn't trigger add_artifact tasks
* [#7562] Remove unnecessary monq_task 'args' index NEEDS ENSURE_INDEX
* [#7644] Make /nf/admin/new_projects faster
For developers:
* [#7802] Easier to make a custom theme based on main theme
* [#7401] Allow custom middleware
* [#7029] AuthProvider should be able to add routes to /auth/
* [#7154] Expand AdminExtension to support site-admin pages
* [#7130] Blob.next_commit and prev_commit should be removed
* [#7142] Better conditional around sending zarkov events
* [#7173] Improve auth docstrings
* [#7178] error with parallel tests: 'solr' is None
* [#7215] Test suite timing out
* [#7239] Update feedparser
* [#7260] Tests create trove categories unnecessarily
* [#7305] Document SCM code and merge into
* [#7329] Update ForeignIdProperty('User') for latest ming
* [#7579] Use sendsimplemail instead of sendmail in some cases
* [#7581] TestSVNRepo.test_log fails with svn 1.8
* [#7804] Use OAuth token for github project validation
* [#7805] Improve GitHubOAuthMixin
Version 1.1.0 (February 2014)
Upgrade Instructions
* Run ensure_index command
* 3rd party tools that do not use EasyWidgets will need {{lib.csrf_token()}} added to each <form>
New Features
* [#6777] Create a site-wide notification mechanism
* Improved activity stream display and events
* [#6694] Form to send message to a user
* [#6783] Create a process to reset forgotten passwords
* [#6804] API to install a tool
* [#6692] API for exports
* [#6692] Simpler oauth API via bearer tokens
* [#5475] Javascript not required for most forms any more
* [#5424] Provide instructions for running git/hg/svn services
* [#6896] Developer architecture docs
* [#4808] Factor out SourceForge-specific bits of Allura
Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements:
* Many fixes and improvements for GitHub, Google Code, Trac and Allura importers
Code Tools:
* [#7006] hide misleading message on Browse Commits page
* [#6796] Render all (not just readme) markdown files in repos
* [#6801] Options to parallelize last_commit_ids
* [#6826] Mass edit emails have invalid To: address
* [#6821] Change hg browser to get "last commit" info from hg instead of mongo (if ForgeHg installed)
* [#6894] SVN/Git refresh hooks fail for redirects
* [#6905] better code snapshot status UX
* [#6938] AttributeError on fork listing page
* [#6982] SCM views should parse user/email pairs better
* [#7022] UnicodeDecodeError on side-by-side diff text
* [#6111] remove markdown rendering of commit messages, keep artifact linking
* [#4671] Delete old-style LastCommitDoc code
* [#6603] Certain code snapshots take forever even to queue up
* [#6686] Change git browser to get "last commit" info from git instead of mongo
* [#6743] unicode paths in code browser 500 error
* [#6852] Maximize view for ticket lists
* [#6803] Labels should be set without hitting enter
* [#6893] Former team member unassigned from ticket on metadata update
* [#2778] Tickets: milestone names are bound once they are equal
* [#4812] Title field for new tickets mistaken as search bar
* [#5749] setting to specify a default milestone
* [#6088] Ticket search help open in new window
* [#6328] Use In-Reply-To: and References: headers for outgoing ticket emails
* [#6381] Allura tickets system intermittently discards replies to comments
* [#7047] ticket bulk_edit task sometimes doesn't call add_artifacts
* [#4429] ticket bulk-edit forcibly always sets all custom boolean fields to True
* [#6646] bulk edit to add labels
* [#6752] bulk edit to change "private" field
* [#6979] Bulk edit on some milestones with ":" gives empty set
* [#6906] Fatal error when replying to tracker item
User profile:
* [#6833] Choice of social networks should be configurable
* [#7062] Set first email address as 'primary' automatically
* [#6676] User profile page should show date joined
* [#7063] Add last_edited field to discussion REST API
* [#7065] Slow post queries happening on invalid URLs
* [#6864] Add spam button for comments
* [#6910] Emails with empty or missing From: should be treated as anonymous
* [#6917] User block list not stopping posts-via-email
* [#5182] prevent out-of-office replies to allura notifications
* [#6249] Use a stable Sender: header in email notifications
* [#4373] wiki diff incorrectly shows a lot of changes
Project admin:
* [#6848] Coalesce scripts/migrations/*trove*.py into command/
* [#6865] Project admin for categories should be sorted
* [#6866] Audit trail adds fb & twitter values even if they don't change
* [#6795] TroveCategory.children is slow
* [#6889] possible XSS on /p/add_project/
* [#5502] Prevent adding certain tools multiple times
* Cache markdown rendering results
* [#6971] Task manager can't set c.project for user-projects
* [#7009] /nf/tool_icon_css doesn't preserve https for URLs
* improved smtp_server error handling
* [#4091] ensure_index takes for ever looping over every single project
* [#4723] Don't link to user-project when Anonymous
* [#5330] taskd leaves defunct git processes around
* [#6713] Slow /auth/bare_openid?url=/user/registration
* [#6484] Move ForgeWiki mediawiki importer (GPL dep) into standalone importer - NEEDS CONFIGTREE
* [#7005] allura.tasks.repo_tasks.clone clobbers Project record
For developers:
* [#7028] severely stunted landing page html after vagrant install
* [#6393] Allow plugins to register new markdown macros
* [#6994] Test improvements/speedups
* [#6942] Make custom tool icons work properly
* [#7119] Add config switch to disable template overriding
* [#6714] Rename & move User.project_role()
* [#6716] __json__ should return plain dicts
* [#6388] Tool to inspect performance, particularly between commits
Version 1.0.1 (October 2013)
Upgrade Instructions
* Run ensure_index command
* Add bulk export and importer_upload_path INI settings (see development.ini)
New Features
* [#6422] Added release script and DISCLAIMER, cleaned up NOTICE, LICENSE, and README files
* Added GitHub importers for Project, Code, Wiki, and Tickets
* Added Tickets importer for Google Code
* Added Allura exported Tickets importer
* [#3154] Allura data export
Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements:
* Improvements to importer infrastructure
* Additions to Tracker API
* Fixes for Trac importer
* Performance improvements for code snapshots
* [#5561] Maximize view for wide code files
* [#5775] Allura Code Viewer: provide "copied from" link in history view
* [#6284] Allura Code Viewer: show SVN revision in commit browser
* [#6626] Regression: SVN urls don't default to HEAD revision
* [#6629] "list index out of range" error on git _iter_commits_with_refs
* [#6695] timeout & loop detection in LCD logic
* [#6529] Login overlay
* [#4595] Revisions to /nf/admin/new_projects
* [#5966] Script to move wiki
* [#6100] URL-Redirection for moved tickets
* [#6392] Per tool user bans
* [#6431] Upgrade to ming 0.4.x to avoid extraneous count() queries
* [#6539] Timeouts on approving moderated comments [ss4838]
* [#6545] Show forum stats graph
* [#6604] IE9 json parsing vulnerability
* [#6654] Tracker stats template error
* [#6685] add faulthandler to smtp_server
* [#6699] Provide a way to add additional Timers to AlluraTimerMiddleware
Version 1.0.0 (August 2013) (unreleased)
* Initial ASF Incubation release