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import argparse
import logging
import faulthandler
from pylons import c
from ming.orm import ThreadLocalORMSession
from allura import model as M
from allura.lib.utils import chunked_find, chunked_list
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def main(options):
q_project = {}
if options.nbhd:
nbhd = M.Neighborhood.query.get(url_prefix=options.nbhd)
if not nbhd:
return "Invalid neighborhood url prefix."
q_project['neighborhood_id'] = nbhd._id
if options.project:
q_project['shortname'] = options.project
elif options.project_regex:
q_project['shortname'] = {'$regex': options.project_regex}'Refreshing repositories')
if options.clean_all:'Removing all repository objects')
for chunk in chunked_find(M.Project, q_project):
for p in chunk:"Refreshing repos for project '%s'." % p.shortname)
if options.dry_run:
c.project = p
if options.mount_point:
mount_points = [options.mount_point]
mount_points = [ac.options.mount_point for ac in
for app in (p.app_instance(mp) for mp in mount_points): = app
if not hasattr(app, 'repo'):
if not in options.repo_types:"Skipping %r: wrong type (%s)",,
log.exception('Error setting up hooks for %r',
if options.clean:
ci_ids = list("Deleting mongo data for %i commits...", len(ci_ids))
tree_ids = [
tree_id for doc in
M.repo.TreesDoc.m.find({"_id": {"$in": ci_ids}},
{"tree_ids": 1})
for tree_id in doc.get("tree_ids", [])]
i = M.repo.CommitDoc.m.find({"_id": {"$in": ci_ids}}).count()"Deleting %i CommitDoc docs...", i)
M.repo.CommitDoc.m.remove({"_id": {"$in": ci_ids}})
i = M.repo.TreesDoc.m.find({"_id": {"$in": ci_ids}}).count()"Deleting %i TreesDoc docs...", i)
M.repo.TreesDoc.m.remove({"_id": {"$in": ci_ids}})
# delete these in chunks, otherwise the query doc can
# exceed the max BSON size limit (16MB at the moment)
for tree_ids_chunk in chunked_list(tree_ids, 300000):
i = M.repo.TreeDoc.m.find({"_id": {"$in": tree_ids_chunk}}).count()"Deleting %i TreeDoc docs...", i)
M.repo.TreeDoc.m.remove({"_id": {"$in": tree_ids_chunk}})
i = M.repo.LastCommitDoc.m.find({"object_id": {"$in": tree_ids_chunk}}).count()"Deleting %i LastCommitDoc docs...", i)
M.repo.LastCommitDoc.m.remove({"object_id": {"$in": tree_ids_chunk}})
del tree_ids
i = M.repo.DiffInfoDoc.m.find({"_id": {"$in": ci_ids}}).count()"Deleting %i DiffInfoDoc docs...", i)
M.repo.DiffInfoDoc.m.remove({"_id": {"$in": ci_ids}})
i = M.repo.CommitRunDoc.m.find({"commit_ids": {"$in": ci_ids}}).count()"Deleting %i CommitRunDoc docs...", i)
M.repo.CommitRunDoc.m.remove({"commit_ids": {"$in": ci_ids}})
del ci_ids
if options.all:'Refreshing ALL commits in %r',
else:'Refreshing NEW commits in %r',
if options.profile:
import cProfile
cProfile.runctx(', notify=options.notify)',
globals(), locals(), 'refresh.profile')
else:, notify=options.notify)
log.exception('Error refreshing %r',
def repo_type_list(s):
repo_types = []
for repo_type in s.split(','):
repo_type = repo_type.strip()
if repo_type not in ['svn', 'git', 'hg']:
raise argparse.ArgumentTypeError(
'{} is not a valid repo type.'.format(repo_type))
return repo_types
def parse_options():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Scan repos on filesytem and '
'update repo metadata in MongoDB. Run for all repos (no args), '
'or restrict by neighborhood, project, or code tool mount point.')
parser.add_argument('--nbhd', action='store', default='', dest='nbhd',
help='Restrict update to a particular neighborhood, e.g. /p/.')
parser.add_argument('--project', action='store', default='', dest='project',
help='Restrict update to a particular project. To specify a '
'subproject, use a slash: project/subproject.')
parser.add_argument('--project-regex', action='store', default='',
help='Restrict update to projects for which the shortname matches '
'the provided regex.')
parser.add_argument('--repo-types', action='store', type=repo_type_list,
default=['svn', 'git', 'hg'], dest='repo_types',
help='Only refresh repos of the given type(s). Defaults to: '
'svn,git,hg. Example: --repo-types=git,hg')
parser.add_argument('--mount_point', default='', dest='mount_point',
help='Restrict update to repos at the given tool mount point. ')
parser.add_argument('--clean', action='store_true', dest='clean',
default=False, help='Remove repo-related mongo docs (for '
'project(s) being refreshed only) before doing the refresh.')
parser.add_argument('--clean-all', action='store_true', dest='clean_all',
default=False, help='Remove ALL repo-related mongo docs before '
parser.add_argument('--all', action='store_true', dest='all', default=False,
help='Refresh all commits (not just the ones that are new).')
parser.add_argument('--notify', action='store_true', dest='notify',
default=False, help='Send email notifications of new commits.')
parser.add_argument('--dry-run', action='store_true', dest='dry_run',
default=False, help='Log names of projects that would have their '
'repos refreshed, but do not perform the actual refresh.')
parser.add_argument('--profile', action='store_true', dest='profile',
default=False, help='Enable the profiler (slow). Will log '
'profiling output to ./refresh.profile')
return parser.parse_args()
if __name__ == '__main__':
import sys