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import os
import sys
import urllib
import urllib2
import urlparse
import hmac
import hashlib
import json
from optparse import OptionParser
from pprint import pprint
from datetime import datetime
from allura.lib.import_api import AlluraImportApiClient
def main():
optparser, options, args = parse_options()
import_options = {}
for s in options.import_opts:
k, v = s.split('=', 1)
if v == 'false':
v = False
import_options[k] = v
user_map = {}
if options.user_map_file:
f = open(options.user_map_file)
user_map = json.load(f)
if type(user_map) is not type({}):
raise ValueError
for k, v in user_map.iteritems():
print k, v
if not isinstance(k, basestring) or not isinstance(v, basestring):
raise ValueError
except ValueError:
optparser.error('--user-map should specify JSON file with format {"original_user": "sf_user", ...}')
import_options['user_map'] = user_map
cli = AlluraImportApiClient(options.base_url, options.api_key, options.secret_key, options.verbose)
doc_txt = open(args[0]).read()
# import the tracker (if any)
if options.tracker:
import_tracker(cli, options.project, options.tracker, import_options, doc_txt,
import_forum(cli, options.project,, user_map, doc_txt, validate=options.validate)
def import_tracker(cli, project, tool, import_options, doc_txt, validate=True, verbose=False):
url = '/rest/p/' + project + '/' + tool
if validate:
url += '/validate_import'
url += '/perform_import'
existing_map = {}
if options.cont:
existing_tickets ='/rest/p/' + options.project + '/' + options.tracker + '/')['tickets']
for t in existing_tickets:
existing_map[t['ticket_num']] = t['summary']
doc = json.loads(doc_txt)
tickets_in = doc['trackers']['default']['artifacts']
doc['trackers']['default']['artifacts'] = []
if options.verbose:
print "Processing %d tickets" % len(tickets_in)
for cnt, ticket_in in enumerate(tickets_in):
if ticket_in['id'] in existing_map:
if options.verbose:
print 'Ticket id %d already exists, skipping' % ticket_in['id']
doc['trackers']['default']['artifacts'] = [ticket_in]
res =, doc=json.dumps(doc), options=json.dumps(import_options))
assert res['status'] and not res['errors']
if options.validate:
if res['warnings']:
print "Ticket id %s warnings: %s" % (ticket_in['id'], res['warnings'])
print "Imported ticket id %s" % (ticket_in['id'])
def import_forum(cli, project, tool, user_map, doc_txt, validate=True):
url = '/rest/p/' + project + '/' + tool
if validate:
url += '/validate_import'
print, doc=doc_txt, user_map=json.dumps(user_map))
url += '/perform_import'
print, doc=doc_txt, user_map=json.dumps(user_map))
def parse_options():
optparser = OptionParser(usage='''%prog [options] <JSON dump>
Import project data dump in JSON format into an Allura project.''')
optparser.add_option('-a', '--api-ticket', dest='api_key', help='API ticket')
optparser.add_option('-s', '--secret-key', dest='secret_key', help='Secret key')
optparser.add_option('-p', '--project', dest='project', help='Project to import to')
optparser.add_option('-t', '--tracker', dest='tracker', help='Tracker to import to')
optparser.add_option('-f', '--forum', dest='forum', help='Forum tool to import to')
optparser.add_option('-u', '--base-url', dest='base_url', default='', help='Base Allura URL (%default)')
optparser.add_option('-o', dest='import_opts', default=[], action='append', help='Specify import option(s)', metavar='opt=val')
optparser.add_option('--user-map', dest='user_map_file', help='Map original users to users', metavar='JSON_FILE')
optparser.add_option('--validate', dest='validate', action='store_true', help='Validate import data')
optparser.add_option('-v', '--verbose', dest='verbose', action='store_true', help='Verbose operation')
options, args = optparser.parse_args()
if len(args) != 1:
optparser.error("Wrong number of arguments")
if not options.api_key or not options.secret_key:
optparser.error("Keys are required")
if not options.project:
optparser.error("Target project is required")
return optparser, options, args
if __name__ == '__main__':