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import logging
import re
from pylons import c
from ming.orm import ThreadLocalORMSession
from allura import model as M
from forgewiki import model as WM
from forgewiki.wiki_main import ForgeWikiApp
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
default_description = r'^\s*(?:You can edit this description in the admin page)?\s*$'
default_personal_project_tmpl = ("This is the personal project of %s."
" This project is created automatically during user registration"
" as an easy place to store personal data that doesn't need its own"
" project such as cloned repositories.\n\n%s")
def main():
for p in M.Project.query.find().all():
user = p.user_project_of
if not user:
description = p.description
if description is None or re.match(default_description, description):
app = p.app_instance('wiki')
if app is None:
page = WM.Page.query.get(app_config_id=app.config._id, title='Home')
if page is None:
continue = app
c.project = p
c.user = user
if "This is the personal project of" in page.text:
if description not in page.text:
page.text = "%s\n\n%s" % (page.text, description)"Update wiki home page text for %s" % user.username)
elif "This is the default page" in page.text:
page.text = default_personal_project_tmpl % (user.display_name, description)"Update wiki home page text for %s" % user.username)
if __name__ == '__main__':