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.. _howto/operator:TableauOperator:
Use the :class:`~airflow.providers.tableau.operators.TableauOperator` to execute
Tableau server client python commands in a `Tableau <>`__.
Using the Operator
| **resource**: The name of the resource to use. **str**
| **method**: The name of the resource's method to execute. **str**
| **find**: The reference of resource that will receive the action. **str**
| **match_with**: The resource field name to be matched with find parameter. **str** - Default: **id**
| **site_id**: The id of the site where the workbook belongs to. **str** - Default: **None**
| **blocking_refresh**: By default the extract refresh will be blocking means it will wait until it has finished. **bool** - Default: **True**
| **check_interval**: time in seconds that the job should wait in between each instance state checks until operation is completed. **float** - Default: **20**
| **tableau_conn_id**: The credentials to authenticate to the Tableau Server. **str** - Default: **tableau_default**
.. list-table:: Available methods by resource
:widths: 15 15
:header-rows: 1
* - Resource
- Methods
* - **datasources**
- ``delete``, ``refresh``
* - **groups**
- ``delete``
* - **projects**
- ``delete``
* - **schedule**
- ``delete``
* - **sites**
- ``delete``
* - **tasks**
- ``delete``, ``run``
* - **users**
- ``remove``
* - **workbooks**
- ``delete``, ``refresh``
An example usage of the TableauOperator is as follows:
.. exampleinclude:: /../../airflow/providers/tableau/example_dags/
:language: python
:start-after: [START howto_operator_tableau]
:end-before: [END howto_operator_tableau]