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.. _howto/connection:hive_cli:
Hive CLI Connection
The Hive CLI connection type enables the Hive CLI Integrations.
Authenticating to Hive CLI
There are two ways to connect to Hive using Airflow.
1. Use the `Hive Beeline
i.e. make a JDBC connection string with host, port, and schema. Optionally you can connect with a proxy user, and specify a login and password.
2. Use the `Hive CLI
i.e. specify Hive CLI params in the extras field.
Only one authorization method can be used at a time. If you need to manage multiple credentials or keys then you should
configure multiple connections.
Default Connection IDs
All hooks and operators related to Hive_CLI use ``hive_cli_default`` by default.
Configuring the Connection
Login (optional)
Specify your username for a proxy user or for the Beeline CLI.
Password (optional)
Specify your Beeline CLI password.
Host (optional)
Specify your JDBC Hive host that is used for Hive Beeline.
Port (optional)
Specify your JDBC Hive port that is used for Hive Beeline.
Schema (optional)
Specify your JDBC Hive database that you want to connect to with Beeline
or specify a schema for an HQL statement to run with the Hive CLI.
Extra (optional)
Specify the extra parameters (as json dictionary) that can be used in Hive CLI connection.
The following parameters are all optional:
* ``hive_cli_params``
Specify an object CLI params for use with Beeline CLI and Hive CLI.
* ``use_beeline``
Specify as ``True`` if using the Beeline CLI. Default is ``False``.
* ``auth``
Specify the auth type for use with Hive Beeline CLI.
* ``proxy_user``
Specify a proxy user as an ``owner`` or ``login`` or keep blank if using a
custom proxy user.
* ``principal``
Specify the JDBC Hive principal to be used with Hive Beeline.
When specifying the connection in environment variable you should specify
it using URI syntax.
Note that all components of the URI should be URL-encoded.
For example:
.. code-block:: bash
export AIRFLOW_CONN_HIVE_CLI_DEFAULT='hive-cli://beeline-username:beeline-password@jdbc-hive-host:80/hive-database?hive_cli_params=params&use_beeline=True&auth=noSasl&principal=hive%2F_HOST%40EXAMPLE.COM'