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.. py:module:: airflow.providers.apache.hive.transfers.hive_to_samba
.. autoapi-nested-parse::
This module contains an operator to move data from Hive to Samba.
Module Contents
.. autoapisummary::
.. py:class:: HiveToSambaOperator(*, hql, destination_filepath, samba_conn_id = 'samba_default', hiveserver2_conn_id = 'hiveserver2_default', **kwargs)
Bases: :py:obj:`airflow.models.BaseOperator`
Executes hql code in a specific Hive database and loads the
results of the query as a csv to a Samba location.
:param hql: the hql to be exported. (templated)
:param destination_filepath: the file path to where the file will be pushed onto samba
:param samba_conn_id: reference to the samba destination
:param hiveserver2_conn_id: Reference to the
:ref: `Hive Server2 thrift service connection id <howto/connection:hiveserver2>`.
.. py:attribute:: template_fields
:annotation: :Sequence[str] = ['hql', 'destination_filepath']
.. py:attribute:: template_ext
:annotation: :Sequence[str] = ['.hql', '.sql']
.. py:attribute:: template_fields_renderers
.. py:method:: execute(self, context)
This is the main method to derive when creating an operator.
Context is the same dictionary used as when rendering jinja templates.
Refer to get_template_context for more context.