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Apache HDFS Connection
The Apache HDFS connection type enables connection to Apache HDFS.
Default Connection IDs
HDFS Hook uses parameter ``hdfs_conn_id`` for Connection IDs and the value of the parameter
as ``hdfs_default`` by default.
Web HDFS Hook uses parameter ``webhdfs_conn_id`` for Connection IDs and the value of the
parameter as ``webhdfs_default`` by default.
Configuring the Connection
The host to connect to, it can be ``local``, ``yarn`` or an URL. For Web HDFS Hook it is possible to specify multiple hosts as a comma-separated list.
Specify the port in case of host be an URL.
Effective user for HDFS operations (non-Kerberized).
Extra (optional, connection parameters)
Specify the extra parameters (as json dictionary) that can be used in HDFS connection. The following
parameters out of the standard python parameters are supported:
* ``autoconfig`` - Default value is bool: False. Use snakebite's automatically configured client. This HDFSHook implementation requires snakebite.
* ``hdfs_namenode_principal`` - Specifies the Kerberos principal to use for HDFS.
The following extra parameters can be used to configure SSL for Web HDFS Hook:
* ``use_ssl`` - If SSL should be used. By default is set to `false`.
* ``verify`` - How to verify SSL. For more information refer to