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Pgbouncer exporter

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Prometheus exporter for Pgbouncer metrics.


Metrics are by default exposed on http server running on port 9127 under the /metrics path.

docker run \ 
  --detach \ 
  --env "DATABASE_URL=postgres://user:password@pgbouncer:6432/pgbouncer?sslmode=disable" \
  --publish "9127:9127" \
  --name "pgbouncer_exporter" \


All of the collectors are enabled by default, you can control that using environment variables by settings it to true or false.

NameDescriptionEnv varDefault
statsPer database requests stats.EXPORT_STATSEnabled
poolsPer (database, user) connection stats.EXPORT_POOLSEnabled
databasesList of configured databases.EXPORT_DATABASESEnabled
listsList of internal pgbouncer information.EXPORT_LISTSEnabled