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name: 'Cancel Workflow Runs'
description: 'Cancel Workflow Runs - duplicates, failed, named in order to limit job usage,'
author: 'potiuk'
description: The GITHUB_TOKEN secret of the repository
required: true
description: |
The run that triggered the action. It should be set to
`$\{\{` variable \}\}` if used in `workflow_run` triggered run if
you want to act on source workflow rather than the triggered run.
required: false
description: |
Boolean. If set to true, it notifies the cancelled PRs with a comment containing reason why
they are being cancelled.
required: false
description: |
Optional cancel message to use instead of the default one when notifyPRCancel is true. Only
used in 'self' cancel mode.
required: false
description: |
Only for workflow_run events triggered by the PRs. If not empty, it notifies those PRs with the
message specified at the start of the workflow - adding the link to the triggered workflow_run.
required: false
description: |
The mode of cancel. One of:
* `duplicates` - cancels duplicate runs from the same repo/branch as local run or
sourceId workflow. This is the default mode when cancelMode is not specified.
* `allDuplicates` - cancels duplicate runs from all workflows. It is more aggressive version of
duplicate canceling - as it cancels all duplicates. It is helpful in case
of long queues of builds - as it is enough that one of the workflows that
cancel duplicates is executed, it can effectively clean-up the queue in this
case for all the future, queued runs.
* `self` - cancels self run - either own run if sourceRunId is not set, or
the source run that triggered the `workflow_run'
* `failedJobs` - cancels all runs that failed in jobs matching one of the regexps
* `namedJobs` - cancels runs where names of some jobs match some of regexps
required: false
description: |
In case of duplicate canceling, cancel also future duplicates leaving only the "freshest" running
job and not all the future jobs. By default it is set to true.
required: false
description: |
Do not cancel your own run. There are cases where selfPreservation should be disabled but it is
enabled by default. You can disable it by setting 'false' as value.
required: false
description: |
Array of job name regexps (JSON-encoded string). Used by `failedJobs` and `namedJobs` cancel modes
to match job names of workflow runs.
required: false
description: |
Array of event names that should be skipped when cancelling (JSON-encoded string). This might be used
in order to skip direct pushes or scheduled events.
required: false
description: |
Name of the workflow file. It can be used if you want to cancel a different workflow than yours.
required: false
using: 'node12'
main: 'dist/index.js'
icon: 'play'
color: 'blue'