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Aurora Thrift Client

This project implements a Thrift based Java client for Apache Aurora scheduler, running on a Mesos cluster. This client has been developed with a focus of being integrated with Apache Airavata for job submission & monitoring


In order to use this client, you must have the following:

  • A Mesos cluster - running on any public cloud (eg: AWS) We have written ansible scripts to deploy a Mesos-Marathon cluster on any given cloud infrastructure. The scripts can be found in the modules/cloud/ansible-playbooks directory, with necessary steps.

  • Aurora scheduler installed on this Mesos cluster. Follow instructions at: to install Aurora components in the cluster - including the scheduler, and worker components.


Please update the file in src/main/resources directory with the following properties:

# aurora scheduler host-name

# aurora scheduler port (http)

# aurora executor name

# mesos cluster name

Default values for some of the parameters are added to the properties file.

Operations supported

Currently the following operations are supported, but more will be added progressively.

  • Submit a job to the Aurora scheduler Job can be AdHoc(one time) or a Service (long running)

  • Get job details

  • Get pending jobs & reason for why it is pending

  • Kill tasks in a Job, or kill all tasks in a Job

Sample Code

The contains sample code on how to use the Client.