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  1. inventories/
  2. roles/
  3. .gitignore
  4. airavata-iam-setup.yml
  5. airavata.yml
  6. ansible.cfg
  7. apiserver.yml
  8. database.yml
  9. dev_airavata_deploy.yml
  10. dev_pga_deploy.yml
  11. gfac.yml
  12. keycloak.yml
  13. local_airavata_deploy.yml
  14. NOTE
  15. pga-scigap-dev.yml
  16. pga-scigap-prod.yml
  17. pga-single-vhost.yml
  18. pga.yml
  20. requirements.txt
  21. site.yml


Ansible script to deploy Apache Airavata and PGA. There are ansible roles to install Airavata pre-requisites (RabbitMQ, Zookeeper, MariaDB).

Ansible installation

Note: the following assumes a Bash shell.

  1. Download and install the latest version of Python 3.6. See or use your system's package manager.

  2. Create a virtual environment in this directory

     cd airavata/dev-tools/ansible
     python3.6 -m venv ENV
  3. Source the environment (you'll need to do this each time before using ansible commands)

     source ENV/bin/activate
  4. Install ansible and any other dependencies.

     pip install -r requirements.txt

Now you should be ready to run ansible-playbook and other ansible commands.

Supported OS with versions.

  • Centos 7
  • The PGA should also work on Ubuntu 16


  • env_setup :- Create user and group, install oracle java 8, open firewall ports.
  • zookeeper :- Download and install zookeeper.
  • rabbitmq :- Download and install rabbitmq as service.
  • database :- Download and install mysql(mariadb) as a service.
  • common :- Checkout Airavata source from git and run maven build. Move keystore files.
  • gfac :- Setup and deploy Gfac component.
  • registry Setup and deploy registry component.
  • api-orch :- Setup and deploy Api-Orch components.
  • pga :- Setup and deploy Airavata PHP Gateway.
  • keycloak :- Setup and deploy Keycloak Identity management server. (Note: Check roles/keycloak/ for details)

Useful commands

  • Deploy database: ansible-playbook -i inventories/path/to/inventory/dir database.yml
  • Deploy Airavata middleware: ansible-playbook -i inventories/path/to/inventory/dir airavata.yml
  • Deploy Keycloak IAM server: ansible-playbook -i inventories/path/to/inventory/dir keycloak.yml
  • Deploy PGA: ansible-playbook -i inventories/path/to/inventory/dir pga.yml
  • Deploy everything: ansible-playbook -i inventories/path/to/inventory/dir site.yml


  • copy the inventories/template directory and modify CHANGEME values