Django Portal General User Documentation

###Airavata Middleware

  • A distributed framework that supports execution and management of computational scientific applications and workflows in grid based systems, remote clusters and cloud based systems.
  • Primarily focused on submitting and managing application executions and workflows in grid based systems.
  • Architecturally extensible to support other underlying resources.
  • Provides a desktop tools and browser-based web interface components for managing applications, workflows and generated data.
  • Contains sophisticated server-side tools for registering and managing scientific applications on computational resources.

Django Portal

  • The Django portal, the ‘Science Gateway’ provides tools and methods to easily integrate with post processing applications and application centric interfaces.
  • Django portal is the users interface to use services available through Apache Airavata Middleware.
  • Django portal mainly has 3 user groups; General User, Read-only- admin user and Admin user
  • This documentation provides step by step instructions on functionality available for general users.

More information on Apache Airavata
More information on Django Portal

General User Quick Start

Portal Account Creation

Launch Jobs on HPCs


Other Features


###Django Releases ####2023 #####February

  1. The central ‘Shared’ data directory for the gateway

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