Apache Airavata User Profiles

What Are Airavata User Roles?

  1. Prior to using Airavata, lets identify and understand the user roles available and their features.
  2. Knowing the roles and the features of each, will assist on shaping your gateway user hierarchy.
  3. There are 4 active user roles in Airavata with different set of features at each level.
    • Admin
    • Admin-Read-Only
    • Gateway-User
    • User-Pending

Features of each User Role

  1. Admin User

    • Set up gateway preferences for Compute Resources and Storage Resources
    • Generate SSH keys and their tokens using Credential Store in Admin Dashboard.
    • Add the generated SSH token to Gateway Preferences.
    • Add the generated SSH keys to authorized_key files in each resource.
    • Can Cancel, clone experiments of a gateway user through Admin dashboard behalf of the user.
    • Create Applications and their deployments in to the gateway.
      NOTE: If user hosts his own gateway; ‘Gateway Admin’ role will have access to create compute resources and storage resources as well.
  2. Admin-Read-Only

    • Can view everything in Admin Dashboard but cannot Add, Edit or Delete any records from dashboard.
    • Can monitor experiments through Experiments Statistics in Admin dashboard.
    • Behalf of a gateway user can edit, cancel or clone an experiment.
  3. Gateway User

    • Create, launch their own experiments in using available applications and compute resources.
    • Monitor progress of experiment execution.
    • Download outputs experiment outputs from experiment summary or from ARCHIVE directory in Storage (ARCHIVE folder exists only if the application files are ‘Archive’ enabled)
    • Group experiments by creating Projects.
    • Request new features, applications and report bug, issue using ‘Contact Us’ in gateway.
    • Password reset.
  4. User-Pending

    • This is the initial role assigned to users when account is created.
    • Until gateway admin provide relevant access to the gateway (by assigning an active gateway role) user has cannot really use the gateway.

How User Roles Work?

  1. Users can have one or many user roles assigned to them.
  2. Gateway admin has the authority to change user roles of the gateway users.
  3. Every time a role changes user will be notified through email about the privilege change.