## WSO2 IS Installation


  1. Download IS 5.1.0 from WSO2 Site and extract it.
  2. Open <IS_HOME>/repository/conf/carbon.xml and set the HideAdminServiceWSDLs property to false.
  1. To enable self signup and account confirmation follow the below steps
    • Open <IS_HOME>/repository/conf/claim-config.xml and add the following claims mappings in the <Dialect dialectURI=“http://wso2.org/claims”> section.
- Open &#60;IS_HOME&#62;/repository/conf/claim-config.xml and add the following claims mappings in the &#60;Dialect dialectURI="http://wso2.org/oidc/claim"&#62; section.
- Enable the Identity Listener by setting the following property to true in the &#60;IS_HOME&#62;/repository/conf/identity/identity.xml file.
- Do the following configurations in the &#60;IS_HOME&#62;/repository/conf/identity/identity­-mgt.properties file.
- Configure the email-admin-config.xml file found in &#60;IS_HOME&#62;/repository/conf/email/ with the email template of type “accountConfirmation”.

- Edit the org.apache.axis2.transport.mail.MailTransportSender section in the &#60;IS_HOME&#62;/repository/conf/axis2/axis2.xml to valid email account configuration. 

IS server should have access to this email account for remotely login.

  1. Go to <IS_HOME>/bin and start IS server using ./wso2server.sh (use ./wso2server.sh start for starting in daemon mode).

WSO2 IS Configuration

  1. Creating a new tenant.
  2. Registering a new OAuth Service Provider.

Optional Steps

  1. How to configure a mysql backend database for wso2 IS server - MySQL DB Configuration
  2. How to configure a valid server certificate for the wso2 IS server - Configure Server Certificate