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 - These step by step instructions are for PGA with airavata 0.16 (previous) release.<br>
 - For the latest PGA installation, please use ansible playbooks.<br>
 - Here is link [1] to the playbook file on the ‘master’ branch. This playbook consist of two roles, env_setup [2] and pga [3] and you can look at those roles for further details.
+- But first read [4]
 [1]  <a href="" target="_blank"> PGA Ansible Playbooks</a>  <br>
 [2] <a href="" target="_blank">Env_setup</a>  <br>
 [3] <a href="" target="_blank">PGA</a>
+[4] <a href="" target="_blank">READ ME</a>  <br>
 <b>Pick your OS...</b></br/>