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class HomeController extends BaseController {
| Default Home Controller
| You may wish to use controllers instead of, or in addition to, Closure
| based routes. That's great! Here is an example controller method to
| get you started. To route to this controller, just add the route:
| Route::get('/', 'HomeController@showWelcome');
public function getIndex()
Session::put("nav-active", "home");
// If not logged in and theme has a landing page, display the landing page
if (!CommonUtilities::id_in_session()){
try {
$theme = Theme::uses( Session::get("theme") );
// FIXME: can't figure out how to pass variables to the landingpage template
return View::make($theme->scope('landingpage')->location());
}catch (Exception $ex){
Log::debug("Theme has no landingpage view, will render standard home page", array($ex->getMessage()));
return View::make('home');