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Airavata Managed File Transfer Service and Clients

Running from IDE

  • Start consul server - ./consul agent -dev
  • Start ResourceServiceApplication
  • Start SecretServiceApplication
  • Start MftController
  • Start ApiServiceApplication
  • Start the agent

Building from the script

  • Go to scripts directory
  • Run /bin/bash
  • This will build the whole project and unzip distributions of each service to the build direcotry of the root of the project

Defaults for Resource and Secret Service

  • The Backends for Secret and Resource services are by default set to File based backend so you can find sample config json files in conf directory of each distribution
  • You can easily change the backend by updating the applicationContext.xml file in conf directory

Starting the distribution

  • You should have consul running inorder to start MFT. You can start consul by running /bin/bash <os distribution>. For example /bin/bash mac. You can see supported distributions by running /bin/bash -h
  • If your OS distribution is not provided in the script, you can manually install Consul using pre compiled binaries
  • To start MFT stack, run /bin/bash This will start all the services and an Agent to transfer data
  • To stop MFT stack, run /bin/bash
  • If you want to see logs of any running service, run /bin/bash <service name>. For example, /bin/bash secret. To view available services, run /bin/bash -h

Sample API Call

  • This sample is for the Java gRPC client of MFT API. Request resource ids and secret ids are analogous to default values in secret.json and resources.json files available for File based backends.

  • You should have mft-api-client dependency in your project

import org.apache.airavata.mft.api.client.MFTApiClient;
import org.apache.airavata.mft.api.service.*;

public class SampleClient {
    public static void main(String args[]) throws InterruptedException {

        MFTApiServiceGrpc.MFTApiServiceBlockingStub client = MFTApiClient.buildClient("localhost", 7004);

        String sourceId = "remote-ssh-resource2";
        String sourceToken = "local-ssh-cred";
        String destId = "remote-ssh-resource";
        String destToken = "local-ssh-cred";

        TransferApiRequest request = TransferApiRequest.newBuilder()

        // Submitting the transfer to MFT
        TransferApiResponse transferApiResponse = client.submitTransfer(request);
        while(true) {
            // Monitoring transfer status
            try {
                TransferStateApiResponse transferState = client.getTransferState(TransferStateApiRequest.newBuilder().setTransferId(transferApiResponse.getTransferId()).build());
                System.out.println("Latest Transfer State " + transferState.getState());
                if ("COMPLETED".equals(transferState.getState()) || "FAILED".equals(transferState.getState()) {

            } catch (Exception e) {
                System.out.println("Errored " + e.getMessage());