Apache Airavata Django Portal SDK

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Airavata Django Portal SDK

Build Status

The Airavata Django Portal SDK provides libraries that assist in developing custom Django app extensions to the Airavata Django Portal.

See the documentation at https://airavata-django-portal-sdk.readthedocs.io/ for more details.

Getting Started

To integrate the SDK with an Airavata Django Portal custom app, add


to the install_requires list in your setup.py file. Then with your virtual environment activated, either install the SDK directly:

pip install -e "git+https://github.com/apache/airavata-django-portal-sdk.git@master#egg=airavata-django-portal-sdk"

Or add the dependency to your requirements.txt file:

-e "git+https://github.com/apache/airavata-django-portal-sdk.git@master#egg=airavata-django-portal-sdk"

then run pip install -r requirements.txt


django-admin makemigrations --settings=tests.test_settings airavata_django_portal_sdk


To generate the documentation, create a virtual environment and then:

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
mkdocs serve


Setting up dev environment

source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

Running tests


Running flake8

flake8 .

Automatically formatting Python code

autopep8 -i -aaa -r .
isort .