Apache Airavata Django Portal SDK

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Airavata Django Portal SDK

The Airavata Django Portal SDK provides libraries that assist in developing custom Django app extensions to the Airavata Django Portal.

See the documentation at https://airavata-django-portal-sdk.readthedocs.io/ for more details.

Getting Started

To integrate the SDK with an Airavata Django Portal custom app, add


to the install_requires list in your setup.py file. Then with your virtual environment activated, either install the SDK directly:

pip install -e "git+https://github.com/apache/airavata-django-portal-sdk.git@master#egg=airavata-django-portal-sdk"

Or add the dependency to your requirements.txt file:

-e "git+https://github.com/apache/airavata-django-portal-sdk.git@master#egg=airavata-django-portal-sdk"

then run pip install -r requirements.txt


django-admin makemigrations --settings=tests.test_settings airavata_django_portal_sdk


To generate the documentation, create a virtual environment and then:

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
mkdocs serve