Fix license information and copyright issues (#19)

* feat: Extends node for AGE flavor (#17)

* Fix typo (#18)

* Adding DISCLAIMER File


* Corrects `cytoscape-cxtmenu` license

* Modify code related to irrelevant trade names.

* Remove irrelevant icon files.

* Remove unused component.

* Remove `google_poppins`, `fontello` dependencies.

Image containing the copyright of Fontello was not used. so, removed and replaced in the form of SVG.

* Reverts `Remove sidebars`

* Update License to include Cytoscape License

* Corrects manifest

* Update site.webmanifest

* Update

Removed reference to Bitnine's Dockerfile

Co-authored-by: Hanbyeol Shin / 신한별 <>
Co-authored-by: Eya Badal <>
Co-authored-by: Alex Kwak <>
57 files changed
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PRs Welcome

Goal of Apache AGE Viewer (Incubating)

Apache AGE Viewer(Incubating) is graph visualisation tool, for Apache AGE(Incubating). This is a sub-project of the Apache AGE (incubating) project.

Recommend Node Version & install module

  • node js 14.16.0
  • npm install pm2

How to run using command

npm run setup
npm run start

How to build using command

npm run setup-backend
npm run build-front
npm run build-back
pm2 stop ag-viewer-develop
pm2 delete ag-viewer-develop
pm2 start ecosystem.config.js


Apache AGE Viewer(Incubating) is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.