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  1. 72146d2 AMQ-8040 - ensure state relating to diskbound tmp file pages is preserved on next update, fix and test by gtully · 8 days ago master
  2. 0c986c3 AMQ-8039 - support system property configuration of the inactivity monitor thread pool, follow example of nio. new test to verify by gtully · 9 days ago
  3. 73e2916 AMQ-8035 - ensure propagated credentials are visible for bind and removed for subsequent mapping operations by gtully · 12 days ago
  4. 4450c17 Properly encode the copy/move message URL. by artnaseef · 3 weeks ago
  5. 5c80869 AMQ-8023 - rework fix to deal with addSub interleaved with removeDestination advisory processing, serialise add/remove dest such that add is not lost and new sub resubscribes ok, extra verifications in the test by gtully · 3 weeks ago
  6. c0e6d47 AMQ-8023 - retain sync add call, duplicate sub suppression depends on it, regression in AMQ3274Test by gtully · 3 weeks ago
  7. 0e2b24b AMQ-8023 - serialize sub add with destination removal advisory processing to avoid resub blocking a necessary purge via removal, fix and test via mqtt clean session scenario by gtully · 4 weeks ago
  8. 213f381 Merge pull request #550 from coheigea/AMQ-7512 by Jean-Baptiste Onofré · 6 weeks ago
  9. f3752ea Merge pull request #549 from coheigea/AMQ-7511 by Jean-Baptiste Onofré · 6 weeks ago
  10. d285188 Merge pull request #551 from coheigea/AMQ-7513 by Jean-Baptiste Onofré · 6 weeks ago
  11. 6fef652 Merge pull request #554 from coheigea/AMQ-8020 by Jean-Baptiste Onofré · 6 weeks ago
  12. e3e2fda AMQ-8020 - Replace toLowerCase().equals() with equalsIgnoreCase by Colm O hEigeartaigh · 6 weeks ago
  13. 742a7f4 AMQ-8016 Fix introspection support not checking Boolean class types by Timothy Bish · 7 weeks ago
  14. aed91a7 AMQ-8015 Update AMQP related libraries by Timothy Bish · 7 weeks ago
  15. 0a189f8 AMQ-8012 - Move synchronized block after null check by Christopher Shannon · 8 weeks ago
  16. 62f5576 AMQ-8012 - Improve thread safety of SubQueueSelectorCacheBroker by Christopher L. Shannon (cshannon) · 8 weeks ago
  17. 1dcc7d4 Merge branch 'AMQ-8012' by Christopher L. Shannon (cshannon) · 8 weeks ago
  18. 083acb9 [AMQ-8012] Fix for ConcurrentModificationException in SubQueueSelectorCacheBroker by Matt Pavlovich · 8 weeks ago
  19. 6c07033 AMQ-7516 - Fix XAConenctionPoolTest after change to make tmFromJndi an object by Christopher L. Shannon (cshannon) · 9 weeks ago
  20. 300d0b9 Change org.apache.activemq.jms.pool.XaPooledConnectionFactory#tmFromJndi parameter to Boolean for JCA validation by Tomasz Adamski · 2 years, 2 months ago