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Apache ActiveMQ Website

This is the repository for the Apache ActiveMQ website, hosted at activemq.apache.org.

How it works

This branch of the repo contains the source files that are used to generate the HTML that ultimately gets pushed to the site. When a commit is made to the branch, a Jekyll build is automatically performed in CI and the generated site output committed back to the asf-site branch within the output directory. The generated content on asf-site is then automatically published to the live web server at https://activemq.apache.org/.

See the Contributing section below for more.

To Build the site locally

Before building the site you will need to install Jekyll (and Bundler). The Jekyll site has installation instructions to help get you started.

You can build (from the src directory, to the _site output directory) and serve the site locally using Jekyll to test changes you have made or are making:


Alternatively, to just build the site, run:


Note that these helper scripts perform incremental builds. If for some reason you need to clear the metadata/cache used to support the build process, you can run:

rm -rf src/.jekyll-metadata src/.jekyll-cache/

Contributing to the site

If you would like to make a change to the ActiveMQ site:

  1. Fork the Apache ActiveMQ site repository to your github account.
  2. Create a new branch from master
  3. Test your changes locally
  4. Add commit(s) to your branch
  5. Open a pull request on the github mirror
  6. An ActiveMQ committer will review and merge your changes

If you are a committer, do the following:

  1. Update the master branch with your (or a Pull Request's) changes.
  2. Run serve.sh/ build.shand very the updates made look appropriate.
  3. Push the changes to the ASF remote.
  4. The CI build will run and commit the generated site to the asf-site branch automatically within a few minutes, from where it will also be published. CI build status mails go to the commits list.
  5. Verify the updated website works as expected by browsing it.