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<Global LogLevel="warn" FrameTrace="false">
<!-- DataConfig configures limits on Test Data -->
GenerateChunkSize sets the max structured data capacity
for Message Tests. Eg, Map size, List size, array size, etc.
Supported values are [65535-2147483647]. Any value outside
will result in undefined behaviour for the test suite.
The Default value is 524288 (512KiB).
<DataConfig GenerateChunkSize="65535" />
<!-- Example Secure Broker configuration
For more hints on configuring a secure broker and sample certificates
see test/config/cert/
<Broker Scheme="amqps://" IPAddress="" Port="5671" Name="NMS Test">
<!-- Example Client Configuration -->
/> <!-- End of Client -->
<!-- Example Broker configuration foe plain-text connections
<Broker Scheme="amqp://" IPAddress="" Port="5672">
<Client Username="guest" Password="password" />