Build the projects

  • Build with Visual Studio. Open apache-nms-amqp in Visual Studio. This solution contains both source code and test projects for all supported platforms. If the SDK of a particular platform is not present, the project will fail to load. You can either install the required SDK (if available) or remove the project(s) from solution.

  • Alternatively, to build without Visual Studio the solution can be built using .NET Core SDK tool, version 2.2.+.

Execute the dotnet sdk command to build all projects:

<root_folder>>dotnet build nms-amqp.sln 

Run the tests

Tests use the NUnit Framework. The tests include both unit and system tests (require a broker).

Apache-NMS-AMQP-Test contains only unit tests and doesn't require any configuration and dependencies.

Apache-NMS-AMQP-Interop-Test contains system tests and require broker to be up and running. Broker can be configured either directly from the code (to do so you have to edit AmqpTestSupport base class), or using environment variables:


Visual Studio Test Explorer

Visual Studio 2019 will run NUnit tests with the built-in TestExplorer tool.

dotnet test

If building with the dotnet sdk, from the top level directory simply enter dotnet test to build and run all the tests. Individual tests can be run with:

dotnet test filter=<Test Name>