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  2. broker.crt
  3. broker.key
  4. ca.crt
  5. ca.key
  6. client.crt
  7. client.key
  8. client_trust.jks
  9. nms_test_broker.jks
  10. nms_test_broker.p12

Using SSL/TLS with NMS

Files in this directory - <project_root_dir>\test\config\cert - contain example files to configure a secure client-server connection.

Also one will find client certificate authentication files.

These files may be used to configure the SSL/TLS unit tests when the broker and local host do not already have a configured secure connection.

The following described files were all generated using the openssl tool and the java keytool. This files contains useful information about the example files.

Example Test Suite certificates.



The self signed certificate authority certificate. This certificate has a common name of “NMS Test”. The full Subject in the certificate is:

CN=NMS Test, O=Internet Widgits Pty Ltd, L=Ottawa, S=Ontario, C=CA

ca.crt should be installed on the client system in the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities. For Windows platforms see View Certificates with the MMC Snap-in.

AMQPnetLite does not support alternate trust stores, you must edit the operating system trust store if you wish to have the client recognize the self-signed certificate in ca.crt as authoritative.

NOTE: if your broker is configured with a certificate that has been signed by a recognized trusted authority you do not need to do anything to configure the client and ca.crt may be ignored.


The private key for the ca.crt file. You may need this to configure some brokers. It is not required for ActgiveMQ (see ActiveMQ configuration) which uses a ‘Java KeyStore’ which has been provided.


broker.crt is a server certificate file signed by the ca.crt authority. This certificate also has a common name of “NMS Test”. Depending on your broker, you may need to install this certificate and the companion private key. ActiveMQ requires a ‘keystore’ which is discussed below.


The unencrypted private key for the broker.crt file.


Tn example client certificate file that can be by the Test Suite. This certificate has a common name of “NMS test Client”.


The unencrypted private key for the client.crt file.

KeyStore files.


PKSC12 the key store that contains the server identity files:

  • broker.crt
  • broker.key.

The password to the key store is “password”.


Java keystore that contains the server identity files:

  • ia.crt
  • ia.key.

The password to the key store is “password”.


The keystore that a broker would use to trust a client certificate. This store contains the certificate client.crt.

The password to the key store is “password”.

ACtiveMQ Configuration

ActiveMQ must be configured with an sslContext that identifies the keyStore the the server certificate. If client-certificates are in use, a trustStore must also be configured. The sslContext should be configured in the the broker object, typically immediately below the destinationPolicy,

For example:

    </sslContext> <!-- END OF SSL Context -->

The above example is correct, there is a sslContext nested inside sslContext.

Also you must add a AMQP+SSL transport connector to the ‘trasnsportConnectors’ object description in the ActiveMQ configuation file, for example:

    <transportConnector name="amqp+ssl" uri="amqp+ssl://;wireFormat.maxFrameSize=104857600" />