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== Release Notes for ActiveMQ CPP 2.2.2 ==
This is a minor release that contains bugfixes that were found since the
2.2.1 release. Also in this release the there have been several meory leak
fixes and threading issues resolved. The connection URI options have
changed to reflect improved asynchronous message send capabilities as well,
see the wiki for the new configuration option documentation. This version
of the library now requires APR 1.3 or higher to compile.
* [AMQCPP-202] - Occasional Deadlocks when Integration tests are run in a
long loop on CentOS and REHL.
* [AMQCPP-203] - Segmentation Fault in Integration tests occurs occasionally.
* [AMQCPP-197] - include file activemq/exceptions/ExceptionDefines.h missing
* [AMQCPP-198] - File activemq/exceptions/ActiveMQException.h isn't installed
during make install
* [AMQCPP-199] - Segmentation fault at decaf/net/SocketInputStream.cpp (line 108)
* [AMQCPP-200] - activemq-cpp-2.2.1 test fails for
decaf::io::ByteArrayInputStreamTest::testConstructor (segmentation fault)
* [AMQCPP-196] - Make the openwire connecter handle sending messages sync or async
based on rules and settings
* [AMQCPP-206] - Fix warnings generated when compiling the library on Windows.
== Release Notes for ActiveMQ CPP 2.2.1 ==
This is a minor release that contains bugfixes that were found since the
2.2 release.
* [AMQCPP-189] - the message producer core dump during sending lots of messages
* [AMQCPP-165] - Core Dump on reconnect/open queue
* [AMQCPP-184] - TransportFilter::fire() crashes after accessing a dangling
pointer during exception in ActiveMQConnectionFactory::createConnection()
* [AMQCPP-185] - Some CmsTemplate headers missing from headers section in
* [AMQCPP-188] - ActiveMQ message consumer waiting for receive to complete is not closing...
* [AMQCPP-190] - setStringProperty() max length
* [AMQCPP-191] - fails to create configure : doxygen-related
* [AMQCPP-194] - Potential Deadlock in OpenwireConnector on exception from transport
* [AMQCPP-195] - Message stuck in queue when using transactional sessions
* [AMQCPP-179] - Add support for the openwire 3.0 commands
* [AMQCPP-192] - Add getCause to the CMS and Decaf exception interfaces
== Release Notes for ActiveMQ CPP 2.2 ==
This release has seen a large restructuring of the codebase to separate
out to platform code into a new package called decaf. We are now making
use of the APR and APR-Util libraries for platform independence. Also
many new tests and bug fixes have made their way into this release.
* [AMQCPP-164] - Math functions don't all exist on the windows platform
* [AMQCPP-136] - Some IO Stream classes don't honor the stream interface contract
* [AMQCPP-155] - Problem changing from "AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE" to "SESSION_TRANSACTED"
* [AMQCPP-157] - Interoperability issues between C++ and .NET
* [AMQCPP-158] - libtool release and version-info arguments need to be set correctly
* [AMQCPP-159] - fails to create configure
* [AMQCPP-161] - CMS does not support prefetchSize=0 correctly
* [AMQCPP-163] - Durable Subscriber test fails consistantly on linux and windows
* [AMQCPP-165] - Core Dump on reconnect/open queue
* [AMQCPP-166] - MapMessage does not send mapped fields
* [AMQCPP-167] - Client has memory leaks when used in an MFC application
* [AMQCPP-170] - SEGV in activemq::connector::openwire::OpenWireConnector::createProducer
* [AMQCPP-173] - C++ Client has memory leaks
* [AMQCPP-174] - Deadlock on transacted session
* [AMQCPP-178] - Core dump in ActiveMQException::buildMessage
* [AMQCPP-181] - Failed unit tests in 2.2 RC1
* [AMQCPP-182] - Compile with GCC 4.3.0 fails
* [AMQCPP-103] - Pull out generic libraries from activemq-cpp namespace
* [AMQCPP-138] - Streams classes do not honor their Interface Contracts
* [AMQCPP-151] - Add a static create method to CMS ConnectionFactory
* [AMQCPP-168] - Create a connection can block for up to 4 mins under Linux when TCP socket connect() times out
* [AMQCPP-172] - Add support for MAP_TYPE and LIST_TYPE to the PrimitiveMap implementation
* [AMQCPP-177] - Defines for static linking with APR on Windows
New Feature
* [AMQCPP-148] - Add support for embedding environment variables in connection URI
* [AMQCPP-152] - Create a CmsTemplate class
== Release Notes for ActiveMQ CPP 2.1.3 ==
This release adds support for building the library and tests, etc on the
Solaris platform using the Sun Compiler in Sun Studio 11.
* [AMQCPP-154] - Improve build compatibility (Solaris)
== Release Notes for ActiveMQ CPP 2.1.2 ==
This release adds support for building the library and tests, etc on the
Solaris platform using the Sun Compiler in Sun Studio 11.
* [AMQCPP-154] - Improve build compatibility (Solaris)
== Release Notes for ActiveMQ CPP 2.1.1 ==
== Overview ==
This version includes several bugfixes, as well as some new examples. Also
a lot of work has been done on performance and memory leaks and stability.
NOTE: Compatable with ActiveMQ Broker version >= 4.0
* [AMQCPP-111] - Unable to ./configure under Suse Linux 64 bit
* [AMQCPP-137] - Exception in ResponseCorrelator::onCommand()
* [AMQCPP-141] - ActiveMQTextMessage::getText() causes an index out of bounds assertion failure if trying to read a 0 length text message
* [AMQCPP-142] - BufferedOutputStream flush called after BufferedOutputStream close resulting in unhandled exceptions
* [AMQCPP-144] - Decaf library build fails on OS X
* [AMQCPP-145] - Compiler error concerning TRANSACTION_ROLLBACK
* [AMQCPP-149] - Client crash when receiving message with empty string property from java
* [AMQCPP-150] - ActiveMQ-CPP consumer client hanging after receiving 32767 messages.
* [AMQCPP-99] - Incorporate APR for generation of GUIDs
* [AMQCPP-124] - Provide a ConnectionMetaData interface in CMS
* [AMQCPP-139] - Improvements for the Openwire Commands Generated Code
* [AMQCPP-143] - declara BytesMessage::readXXX() methods as 'const'
* [AMQCPP-146] - Refactor sequence id generation in the connectors
== Release Notes for ActiveMQ CPP 2.1 ==
== Overview ==
This version includes several bugfixes, as well as some new features. Also
a lot of work has been done on performance and memory leaks. One new feature that
has been highly anticipated is that we now build both shared and static libraries.
NOTE: Compatable with ActiveMQ Broker version >= 4.0.2
== Issues Resolved ==
* [AMQCPP-104] - Enabling async send prevents program from terminating properly on Windows
* [AMQCPP-119] - getClientID segfaults is called after connection has been closed
* [AMQCPP-120] - Possible memory leak in StompConnector
* [AMQCPP-121] - Possible memory leak in activemq::transport::IOTransport::run
* [AMQCPP-122] - Crash on Windows when rapidly creating and destroying connections
* [AMQCPP-126] - closing ressources after an IOException crashes the app
* [AMQCPP-128] - Transacted session crashes or loses messages
* [AMQCPP-131] - StompConnector doesn't rethrow UnsupportedOperationException
* [AMQCPP-132] - Unsubscribe of durable subscription fails
* [AMQCPP-133] - Receive of plain Message with Openwire returns null
* [AMQCPP-134] - Compiler warnings have returned for tests on gcc
* [AMQCPP-65] - Refactor transport creation
* [AMQCPP-66] - Refactor the Async send to happen in an Async Transport instead of in ActiveMQSession
* [AMQCPP-108] - Make stomp connector more generic
* [AMQCPP-110] - Create activemqcpp-openwire-generator build in our pom.xml, move code to src/main/java
* [AMQCPP-116] - quick improvements to CMS example code
* [AMQCPP-118] - Provide a way to allocate and free with the same allocator
* [AMQCPP-123] - Link error when trying to link another shared library against AMQCPP on 64-bit Linux
* [AMQCPP-127] - ResponseCorrelator doesn't have a way to set max timeot from the properties uri.
* [AMQCPP-130] - Enhance the DummyTransport and rename it to MockTransport
New Feature
* [AMQCPP-125] - Decaf: Random
* [AMQCPP-106] - reorganize subversion
* [AMQCPP-115] - Change build to create dynamic libraries
== Release Notes for ActiveMQ CPP 2.0.1 ==
== Overview ==
This version is a bug fix release for issues that were found in the 2.0 release
NOTE: Compatable with ActiveMQ Broker version >= 4.0.2
== Issues Resolved ==
* [AMQCPP-105] - Openwire ActiveMQMessage sets Persistant flag incorrectly
* [AMQCPP-107] - SocketInputStream::read() doesn't check for EINTR error
* [AMQCPP-109] - Exception when acknowledging null messages, originating from the receipt of an ObjectMessage
* [AMQCPP-112] - Openwire Experiation Integration tests fail when fixed to actually use Openwire
* [AMQCPP-101] - Add the Ability to set the TcpNoDelay flag of a TCP Socket
* [AMQCPP-102] - Create a Tag for CMS
== Release Notes for ActiveMQ CPP 2.0 ==
== Overview ==
This version is a major release containing new features and bug fixes.
* Full OpenWire v2 support!
* You can switch between openwire and stomp via the connection URL
* Temporary destinations when using OpenWire
* Added support for asynchronous send
* Fixed client acknowledge
* Resolved some memory leaks
* Sessions are now single threaded
NOTE: Compatable with ActiveMQ Broker version >= 4.0.2
== Issues Resolved ==
* [AMQCPP-38] - Async error on broker when running integration tests
* [AMQCPP-44] - Reason for socket errors not reported correctly on Windows
* [AMQCPP-46] - ActiveMQConnection doesn't propagate exception listener to underlying connector
* [AMQCPP-51] - Autoconf is not properly setting CXXFLAGS on Linux
* [AMQCPP-52] - Valgrind reports memory leaks when running PrimitiveMapTest
* [AMQCPP-53] - Declaration of extern int errno after including errno.h doesn't compile
* [AMQCPP-54] - Build broken due to autoconf problem?
* [AMQCPP-55] - Need close() to propagate to child resources
* [AMQCPP-56] - GCC warnings and possible SocketFactory bug on 64-bit Linux
* [AMQCPP-58] - Possible memory leak when reestablishing connection
* [AMQCPP-59] - Exception is thrown when destroying consumer after connection failure
* [AMQCPP-60] - message information is lost from stomp message to jms
* [AMQCPP-61] - CMSException::what returns c_str of temporary std::string
* [AMQCPP-64] - Inconsistency in topic names when creating topics
* [AMQCPP-75] - setCMSReplyTo with null destination segfaults when using Openwire wire format
* [AMQCPP-76] - Integer property not propagated when using Openwire
* [AMQCPP-77] - Inconsistency when getting string property between Stomp and Openwire
* [AMQCPP-78] - session tries to destroy already destroyed temporary queue
* [AMQCPP-80] - sending with explicit message id hangs
* [AMQCPP-81] - openwire consumer never receives messages already in queue
* [AMQCPP-83] - Integration tests fail for openwire
* [AMQCPP-85] - activemq/util/Character.h not being installed by automake
* [AMQCPP-86] - Valgrind reports memory leaks in unit tests
* [AMQCPP-87] - ActiveMQConnectionFactory creates only one unique clientId
* [AMQCPP-90] - Openwire Session doesn't run its MessageListeners from a single thread
* [AMQCPP-91] - A few more Openwire memory leaks
* [AMQCPP-92] - memory leak in openwire session info
* [AMQCPP-40] - A few stray unix and sun defines
* [AMQCPP-47] - MapMessage getters should be const
* [AMQCPP-48] - Fix compilation with Visual Studio .NET 2003
* [AMQCPP-49] - Add -W -Wall compile options
* [AMQCPP-50] - Derive cms::CMSException from std::exception
* [AMQCPP-57] - Typo in names of delivery modes
* [AMQCPP-79] - allow createProducer to accept null destination
* [AMQCPP-89] - Case of cms::Message getter and setter names are not consistent with case of JMS Message getter and setter names
* [AMQCPP-94] - StompConnector should use Long::toString instead of Integer::toString
New Feature
* [AMQCPP-30] - Add support to activemq-cpp to support the openwire protocol
* [AMQCPP-63] - asynchronous send
* [AMQCPP-82] - Make openwire the default protocol
* [AMQCPP-84] - add unit/integration tests
* [AMQCPP-88] - Remove setCMSMessageId from CMS API
* [AMQCPP-95] - Perform Memory Leak testing on 2.0 codebase
== Release Notes for ActiveMQ CPP 1.1 ==
== Overview ==
This version fixes several bugs and adds a few new features.
* Updated interface for cms::BytesMessage - more JMS-like.
* Updated the MessageProducer interface to add multiple versions of the send method
* Fixed several memory leaks
* Now run on linux, win32, OS X, and Solaris
* Persistence is fixed
* Fixed deadlocks when closing a connection
* Fixed message expiration
NOTE: Compatable with ActiveMQ Broker version >= 4.0.2
== Issues Resolved ==
* [AMQCPP-3] - Receiving a BytesMessage sent from Java using CMS listener causes exception thrown in class BufferedInputStream
* [AMQCPP-14] - CMSExpiration not handled properly in ActiveMQProducer
* [AMQCPP-18] - ActiveMQConnection.close() causes app to crash
* [AMQCPP-20] - Deadlock when in stomp connector close
* [AMQCPP-22] - Use common name for ActiveMQ C++ library on Windows and Linux
* [AMQCPP-23] - active-cpp persistent problem
* [AMQCPP-25] - Bus error on Solaris OS from DataInput and DataOutput streams
* [AMQCPP-26] - Memory leaks reported by Rational Purify when running unit tests
* [AMQCPP-27] - Issues reported by Valgrind when running unit tests
* [AMQCPP-28] - Purify and Valgrind warnings when running integration tests
* [AMQCPP-29] - Projects in MSVC build building on top of one another
* [AMQCPP-35] - Stomp content-length header not being set on BytesMessage
* [AMQCPP-39] - Some AMQCPP includes not installed when doing make install on Linux
* [AMQCPP-41] - Byte swap on float and double truncates values
* [AMQCPP-43] - Crash when getting string property that doesn't exist
* [AMQCPP-16] - CMS API needs updates to more closely follow JMS API
* [AMQCPP-33] - Integration tests crash if broker isn't running
* [AMQCPP-36] - Cleanup whitespace and member function definitions in header files
* [AMQCPP-42] - A few more strict aliasing warnings
New Feature
* [AMQCPP-15] - Add other versions of send method to CMS MessageProducer
* [AMQCPP-37] - readUTF and writeUTF for BytesMessage
* [AMQCPP-45] - Update with release version
* [AMQCPP-31] - Consider giving the unix #define a more unique name
* [AMQCPP-32] - Stomp messages don't preserve property types: please document this behaviour