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Apache ActiveMQ Command Line Tools

The ActiveMQ Command Line Tools project is home to several CLI based projects useful for users of the ActiveMQ and ActiveMQ Artemis messaging brokers

ActiveMQ KahaDB Export Tool

This tool can be used to export a KahaDB or MultiKahaDB store to Artemis XML format. The resulting XML document can then be imported into an Artemis broker (version 2.0.0+) using the Artemis CLI tool. See Artemis CLI tool


$ ./bin/export help
usage: export <command> [<args>]

The most commonly used export commands are:
    help      Display help information
    kahadb    Export a KahaDb store to Artemis XML
    mkahadb   Export a MultiKahaDb store to Artemis XML

See 'export help <command>' for more information on a specific command.
$ ./bin/export help kahadb
        export kahadb - Export a KahaDb store to Artemis XML

        export kahadb [-c] [-f]
                [(--qp <queuePattern> | --queuePattern <queuePattern>)]
                (-s <source> | --source <source>) (-t <target> | --target <target>)
                [(--tp <topicPattern> | --topicPattern <topicPattern>)]
                [(--vt <virtualTopicConsumerWildcards> | --virtualTopicConsumerWildcards <virtualTopicConsumerWildcards>)]

            Compress output xml file using gzip

            Force XML output and overwrite existing file

        --qp <queuePattern>, --queuePattern <queuePattern>
            Queue Export Pattern

        -s <source>, --source <source>
            Data store directory location

        -t <target>, --target <target>
            Xml output file location

        --tp <topicPattern>, --topicPattern <topicPattern>
            Topic Export Pattern

        --vt <virtualTopicConsumerWildcards>, --virtualTopicConsumerWildcards <virtualTopicConsumerWildcards>
            Virtual Topic Consumer Pattern list


Export entire store:

./bin/export kahadb --source /some/directory/kahadb/ --target ~/some/directory/output.xml

Export entire store and compress the resulting xml:

./bin/export kahadb --source /some/directory/kahadb/ --target ~/some/directory/output.xml -c

Export all topics but only queues matching pattern:

./bin/export kahadb --qp test.queue.> --source /some/directory/kahadb/ --target ~/some/directory/output.xml

Export entire store and migrate matching VirtualTopic consumer queues to durable subscriptions:

./bin/export kahadb --source /some/directory/kahadb/ --target ~/some/directory/output.xml --virtualTopicConsumerWildcards "Consumer.*.>;2"