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# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under the terms of ASLv2 (
# Clears a complete workspace, removing all the artifacts it finds. Does not
# attempt to delete anything from an OBR, just all the metadata in ACE.
obrHost = getproperty "org.apache.ace.obr"
aceObr = "http://$obrHost/obr/"
# install test bundle with additional Gogo commands needed later on in this script
pwd = (cd) getAbsolutePath
start 'file:'$pwd'/../org.apache.ace.test/generated/org.apache.ace.test.jar'
# create a workspace
w = (cw [obrlocation=$aceObr])
# delete contents of workspace
each ($w la) {$w da $it}
each ($w lr) {$w da $it}
each ($w lf) {$w df $it}
each ($w ld) {$w dd $it}
each ($w lt) {$w dt $it}
each ($w la2f) {$w da2f $it}
each ($w lf2d) {$w df2d $it}
each ($w ld2t) {$w dd2t $it}
# delete artifacts from OBR as well (assuming local OBR is used!)...
r = (repo OBR 'http://localhost:8080/obr/index.xml')
repo:rm $r
# commit and delete the workspace
$w commit
rw $w