Automated Cluster Testing

Testing a snapshot version of Accumulo on a cluster using this respository requires many repetive steps. Luckily, there is script that automates this using Muchos. This script is found in test/automation/

Before running the script, edit All repositories are set to the main branch of the corresponding Apache project by default. You can change these values to your specific forks and branches as desired.

A path to muchos.props is required in order to run the script. You can find the required configurations and an example of muchos.props in the official Fluo-Muchos readme.

Execution takes no arguments as followed:


Things to consider:

  • The script will read from the MUCHOS_PROPS environment variable if defined.
  • Accumulo versions between muchos.props and pom.xml file of a given Accumulo branch should be consistent.
  • Accumulo and Fluo-Muchos will be installed locally in a temporary directory under /tmp, which is typically cleared by the operating system periodically (system-specific, possibly on reboots, daily, weekly, etc.).